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Volume 13 (2015) Arte, mito e historia en dos obras de Ricardo Menéndez Salmón Abstract   pdf
Giovanna Fiordaliso
Volume 28 (2018) Autotraduction. Une perspective darwinienne Abstract   pdf
Fabio Regattin
Volume 7 (2012) Azionalità e costruzioni idiomatiche Abstract   PDF
Andrea Bellavia
Volume 28 (2018) Éva Koczinszky,Wozu Dichter? Hundert Jahre Poetologien nach Hölderlin,Frank & Timme, Berlin, 2016, 258 pp. Details   pdf
Giulia Andreina Disanto
Volume 28 (2018) “A sign of a letter coming”. Adapting Munro’s (faked) epistolary correspondence Abstract   pdf
Sabrina Francesconi
Volume 14 (2015) - Special Issue “And as for text we have taken it...” – Retranslating Ezra Pound’s Renaissance Cantos Abstract   pdf
Massimo Bacigalupo
Volume 8 (2012) “Conyo talk”: the affirmation of hybrid identity and power in contemporary Philippine discourse Abstract   PDF
Mignette Marcos Garvida
Volume 30 (2019) “De tormentas en el lenguaje”. Gli affanni identitari di Ceuta e Melilla Abstract   pdf
Giovanna Scocozza, Angela Sagnella
Volume 18 (2016) - Special Issue “Die That gehört dem Menschen.” Il Macbeth di Schiller Abstract   pdf
Serena Spazzarini
Volume 18 (2016) - Special Issue “Full of unearthly energy.” Verso una traduzione di W.B. Yeats Abstract   pdf
Loredana Salis
Volume 26 (2018) “Good Morning, Vietnam!” The discursive construction of nationhood in the War Remnant Museum wall-texts Abstract   PDF
Stefania Maci
Volume 13 (2015) “He tolle'd and legge'd”: Samuel Beckett and St. Augustine. Habit and Identity in Dream of Fair to Middling Women and Murphy Abstract   pdf
Federico Bellini
Volume 31 (2019) - Special Issue “How am I to answer this in English?”. Pragmatic fluency in a nineteenth-century English-language teaching text Abstract   pdf
Polina Shvanyukova
Volume 30 (2019) “Il diluvio della infedeltà orientale”. Islam in the view of the Old Albanian authors (16th - 18th centuries) Abstract   pdf
Joachim Matzinger
Volume 31 (2019) - Special Issue “Just a few lines to let you know”. Formulaic language and personalization strategies in Great War trench letters written by semi-literate Scottish soldiers Abstract   pdf
Kirsten Jane Lawson
Volume 23 (2017) “Les noms de sémantique et de polysémie”. Mutamenti semantici e ristrutturazioni lessicali nel passaggio dal latino alle lingue romanze Abstract   pdf
Angela Bianchi
Volume 19 (2016) “Like a Pupa starting to hatch”. The aesthetics of war and ethics of peace in Pat Barker’s Double Vision Abstract   pdf
Lidia De Michelis
Volume 27 (2018) - Special Issue “Never-ending stories”: da The Tempest di William Shakespeare alle riletture e riscritture del grande classico nella letteratura caraibica Abstract   pdf
Maria Renata Dolce
Volume 17 (2016) “Nothing is but what is not.” Performing constatives in Shakespeare’s drama Abstract   pdf
Bianca Del Villano
Volume 31 (2019) - Special Issue “Oops, I forgot, sorry”. The spill cries oops and whoops in the history of American English Abstract   pdf
Andreas H. Jucker
Volume 31 (2019) - Special Issue “Please”, “Thank you”, “Excuse me” – “Why can’t you behave naturally?”. Linguistic politeness in post-revolutionary Soviet Russia Abstract   pdf
Victoriya Trubnikova
Volume 30 (2019) “Será que você não entende que não há resposta?”: l’oscena vertigine letteraria di Hilda Hilst Abstract   pdf
Luigia De Crescenzo
Volume 27 (2018) - Special Issue “The little O”. Signifying Nothing in Shakespeare Abstract   pdf
David Ian Clive Lucking
Volume 30 (2019) “The office becomes a woman best”. Alchemy, Women, and Healing in The Winter’s Tale Abstract   pdf
Martina Zamparo
Volume 19 (2016) “The whole is greater than the sum of the parts”. Metaphors of inclusion and exclusion in the British and Italian Fascist discourse of the 1930s Abstract   pdf
Cinzia Giacinta Spinzi
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