Vol. 16, No. 3 (2023). Special Issue on: "Ma(r)king solidarity boundaries towards migrants. Individual, local and transnational experiences"

Guest editors: Amandine Desille and Tina Magazzini


In Solidarity: Ma(r)king and Rescaling Solidarity Boundaries towards Migrants Details     PDF
Tina Magazzini, Amandine Desille 402-413

Special Issue

Analysing the Case of Rohingya Refugees In Bangladesh: Different Levels of Solidarity Details     PDF
Nahian Salsabeel, Faria Ulfath Leera 414-432

Expectations and Disappointments on the Part of Institutions in the Process of Reception and Integration of Refugees in Portugal Details     PDF
Olga Magano, Lúcio Sousa, Paulo Costa, Bárbara Bäckström, Rosana Albuquerque 433-450

The Dark Side of Solidarity: Ambivalences and Double Standards in the Ukrainian Refugee Crisis in Italy Details     PDF
Magda Bolzoni, Davide Donatiello, Leila Giannetto 451-469

The Criminalization of Border Solidarity and the Law as a Double-Edged Weapon Details     PDF
Daniela Trucco 470-489

'They Do What Institutions Should Do': Border Solidarity in the Light of an Institutional Crisis Details     PDF
Francesca Fortarezza 490-509

Between Empathy and Solidarity. How Civic Activism Inhabits the Boundaries of Europe and Citizenship on Social Media Platforms Details     PDF
Fabiana Battisti, Marco Bruno 510-530

From Disaster Solidarity to "Multicultural Conviviality". Risks and Opportunities for Migrants in Japan after the Great Hanshin Earthquake Details     PDF
Beniamino Peruzzi Castellani 531-546

Book Reviews

Jeanne Lazarus, Les politiques de l'argent, Paris, Presses Universitaires de France/Humensis, 2022, 336 p. Details     PDF
Joselle Dagnes 547-553

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