Vol. 10, No. 2 (2017). Special issue: De-Politicization in the Neoliberal Era


The Concept of De-Politicization and Its Consequences Details     PDF
Fabio de Nardis 340-356

Special Issue

Neo-liberalism, Crisis and the Contradictions of Depoliticisation Details     PDF
Peter Burnham 357-380

Depoliticizing Public Action by Politicizing Issues, Practices and Actors. The Role of Resilience Thinking in a Program of the Cariplo Foundation Details     PDF
Ernesto d'Albergo, Giulio Moini 381-420

The De-Politicization of Social Policy at the Time of Social Investment. Mechanisms and Distinctive Features Details     PDF
Sandro Busso 421-447

PPP Policy, Depoliticisation, and Anti-Politics Details     PDF
Tom Willems, Wouter Van Dooren, Martijn van den Hurk 448-471

The Politics of Global Indicators in Designing, Promoting and Legitimating the Competition State Details     PDF
Diego Giannone 472-491

The Impolitic Narrative of Grassroots Movements against Neoliberal De-Politicization. The Case of Commons Details     PDF
Onofrio Romano 493-516

The Populist Re-Politicization. Some Lessons from South America and Southern Europe Details     PDF
Enrico Padoan 517-543

Beyond the Perimeter of Depoliticization. The Evolution of the Global Governance of Refugees and its Territorialisation in Calabria Details     PDF
Mariafrancesca D'Agostino 544-568

Impolitic Gambling. Chance and Inequality in Contemporary Italy Details     PDF
Sabino Di Chio 569-588

Scaling in Polanyi. Reconsidering the Local in the Age of Neoliberalism Details     PDF
Fikret Adaman 589-612

Neither Completely Political nor Completely Unpolitical. The Third Way of Deliberative Arenas Details     PDF
Luigi Bobbio 613-635

Open Section

The Body of the Ancestor and Other Stories. Social Sciences and the Distant Past of Communication Details     PDF
Stefano Cristante 636-655

Book Reviews

Bosi Lorenzo, Marco Giugni, and Katrin Uba (2016), The Consequences of Social Movements, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press Details     PDF
Lorenzo Cini 656-660

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