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Partecipazione e Conflitto [Participation and Conflict] is an International Journal based in Italy specialized in social and political studies.

PACO houses research and studies on the transformations of politics and its key players (political parties, interest groups, social movements, associations, unions, etc.), focusing in particular on the dynamics of participation both by individuals acting in conventional ways, and by those who prefer protest-oriented repertoires of action.

Special attention is also paid to the dynamics of transformation of contemporary political systems, with an eye fixed on the processes of democratization besides on the spaces opening to the new forms of governance both at local and sub-national, and supra-national level.

All are inscribed in that complex phenomenon represented by the trans-nationalization of social, political and economic processes, without neglecting the nation-state dimension.

The journal emphasizes innovative studies and research of high methodological rigor, treasuring of the most recent theoretical and empirical contributions in social and political sciences.

The NEW SERIES of PARTECIPAZIONE E CONFLITTO starts in 2014. Every issue is published in English, available in electronic and open access version. Anyhow in the Archives section it is possible to consult the contents of all issues published since 2008 accessing abstracts and previews of every article from the webpage of the Old Publisher. By clicking the following link you can read some more information about Our History.




  • The Journal is published in three issues for year (March, July, and November).
  • PACO is rated CLASS A by the Italian Academic Research Evaluation Agency (Anvur) for the area 14 (Sociology and Political Science).
  • After a rigorous double blind peer review process, publication in PACO is free of charge
  • Access to the journal is free but REGISTRATION on the website allows to receive every news from PACO









Between rebellion and governance: violence, legitimacy, and control by armed groups in civil wars

Guest editors:

Siniša Malešević (University College, Dublin, Ireland) and Stefan Malthaner (Hamburg Institute for Social Research)

Posted: 2020-10-13 More...

CALL FOR PAPERS, PACO 14(3 bis): 2021


"When, where and which kind of collective action matters?"

Posted: 2020-07-31 More...

CALL FOR PAPERS, PACO 14(1 bis): 2021

“The value of the city. Rent extraction, housing and conflicts for the use of urban space”  
Posted: 2020-04-14 More...

CFP COVID-19 _ PACO 14(1): 2021



Posted: 2020-04-05 More...



Bridging Social Movement Studies between Global North and South

Posted: 2020-04-05 More...
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Vol. 13, No. 3 (2020). Special Issue on: “Squatting and Urban Commons” & “Judicial Populism”

SPECIAL ISSUE/1: “Squatting and Urban Commons”

Guest Editors:Miguel A. Martínez and Dominika V. Polanska

SPECIAL ISSUE/2: “Judicial Populism”

Guest Editors: Paul Blokker and Oscar Mazzoleni


Squatting and Urban Commons: Creating Alternatives to Neoliberalism Details     PDF
Miguel A. Martínez, Dominika V. Polanska 1244-1251

Special Issue/1

Squat to Work. Squatted Workspaces, the Commons and Solidarity Economies in Europe Details     PDF
Luca Calafati 1252-1268

Squatted and Self-Managed Social Centres in Mexico City: Four Case Studies from 1978-2020 Details     PDF
Robert González, Diego de Santiago, Marco Antonio Rodríguez 1269-1289

Navigating the Limits of Capitalism to Resist Urban Marginality: The Case of the Casa Madiba Network Details     PDF
Greta Rauleac 1290-1307

Governing without Governed and Governors: An Attempt to Establish a Non-Hierarchical Organizational Repertoire Details     PDF
Lukáš Kotyk 1308-1323

City-Level Action in a City-Wide Urban Commons. Amsterdam, 1977-1983 Details     PDF
Hans Pruijt 1324-1337

Squatting, Commons and Conflict: A Discussion of Squatting's Challenges to the Commons Details     PDF
Galvão Debelle dos Santos 1338-1354

In Search of Urban Commons Through Squatting: The Role of Knowledge Sharing in the Creation and Organization of Everyday Utopian Spaces in Sweden Details     PDF
Dominika V. Polanska, Timothy Weldon 1355-1372

Empty Space, Open Space. Claiming, Reaching and Remembering Common Ground in Urban Squats. Haga in the 1980's Details     PDF
Ann Ighe 1373-1389

Urban Commons from an Anti-Capitalist Approach Details     PDF
Miguel A. Martínez 1390-1410


Judicial Populism: The Rule of the People against the Rule of Law Details     PDF
Paul Blokker, Oscar Mazzoleni 1411-1416

Special Issue/2

In the Name of Sovereignty. Right-Wing Populism and the Power of the Judiciary in Western Europe Details     PDF
Oscar Mazzoleni, Gerrit Voerman 1417-1432

Populist Understandings of the Law: A Conservative Backlash? Details     PDF
Paul Blokker 1433-1452

Populism, Constitution Making, and the Rule of Law in Latin America Details     PDF
Carlos de la Torre, Felipe Burbano de Lara 1453-1468

Populist Punitiveness in the Italian Populistic Yellow-Green Government Details     PDF
Stefano Anastasìa, Manuel Anselmi 1469-1486

Open Section

Armed Movements and Counterinsurgency in Contemporary Mexico Details     PDF
Pierre Gaussens 1487-1503

The Case of the Suvignano Estate: A Story of Mafia, Anti-Mafia and Politics Details     PDF
Graziana Corica, Vittorio Mete 1504-1520

Multilevel Governance in Post-Transitional Justice: The Autonomous Communities of Spain Details     PDF
Ebru İlter Akarçay, Bilgen Sütçüoğlu 1521-1538

Trajectories and Modes of Autocratization in the Early 21st Century Details     PDF
Andrea Cassani, Luca Tomini 1539-1558

Journalism Models in Western Democracies and the International Arena: The Case of the 2016 Failed Coup Attempt in Turkey Details     PDF
Domenico Fracchiolla 1559-1574

Book Reviews

Andreotti, A. (eds. 2019), Governare Milano nel nuovo millennio, Bologna: Il Mulino. Details     PDF
Benedetta Marani 1575-1581

Moffitt B. (2020), Populism, Cambridge, Polity Press. Details     PDF
Marianna Griffini 1582-1587

Fourchard, Laurent (2018), Trier, exclure et policer: vies urbaines en Afrique du Sud et au Nigeria. Domaine gouvernances. Paris: Les Presses des Sciences Po. Details     PDF
Marianne Madoré 1588-1593

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