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PArtecipazione e COnflitto [PArticipation and COnflict] is an International Journal based in Italy specialized in social and political studies.

PACO houses research and studies on the transformations of politics and its key players (political parties, interest groups, social movements, associations, unions, etc.), focusing in particular on the dynamics of participation both by individuals acting in conventional ways, and by those who prefer protest-oriented repertoires of action.

Special attention is also paid to the dynamics of transformation of contemporary political systems, with an eye fixed on the processes of democratization besides on the spaces opening to the new forms of governance both at local and sub-national, and supra-national level.

All are inscribed in that complex phenomenon represented by the trans-nationalization of social, political and economic processes, without neglecting the nation-state dimension.

The journal emphasizes innovative studies and research of high methodological rigor, treasuring of the most recent theoretical and empirical contributions in social and political sciences.

The NEW SERIES of PARTECIPAZIONE E CONFLITTO starts in 2014. Every issue is published in English, available in electronic and open access version. Anyhow in the Archives section it is possible to consult the contents of all issues published since 2008 accessing abstracts and previews of every article from the webpage of the Old Publisher. By clicking the following link you can read some more information about Our History.

  • PACO is also affiliated to the CSPS-WPS (Centre for the Study of Politics and Society - Working Paper Series).
  • The Journal is published in three issues for year (March, July, and November).
  • After a rigorous double blind peer review process, publication in PACO is free of charge
  • Access to the journal is free but REGISTRATION on the website allows to receive every news from PACO


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As members of the editorial committee of PARTECIPAZIONE E CONFLITTO (Participation and Conflict), the foremost Italian academic journal dedicated to publishing scholarship concerning many of the research questions that Giulio followed, we join the mourning and profound pain that has shaken your lives, and express our deepest and most sincere condolences and solidarity.

This grief has effected the entire academic community, given that Giulio was working to produce highly relevant research within a field essential to our collective understanding of the evolution of political regimes in areas where diverse traditions and stories meet. Giulio’s loss undermines trust with respect to universities. For those working for universities, the possibility to develop research to its full potential has been threatened, and with it the entire premise of the quest for knowledge that universities are founded upon.

We trust that our authorities will take all the steps necessary to safeguard and protect all academics, and in particular doctoral researchers, who are more often engaged in empirical research work on the ground, outside their institutions, and often in challenging areas of the world that necessitate increased protective measures.

PACO Editorial Board
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Guest Editors: Simón Pachano and Manuel Anselmi

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Excellent news! PACO (PArticipation and COnflict, the italian/international journal of socio-political studies) has been been evaluated for inclusion in Scopus by the Content Selection Advisory Board (CSAB). The review of this title is now complete and the CSAB has advised that the title will be accepted for inclusion in Scopus!!!

For your information, the reviewer comments assess: "High quality journal with interesting and relevant articles". 
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Guest Editors: Luca Alteri, Carmen Leccardi, and Luca Raffini

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Vol. 9, No. 2 (2016). Special Issue: Neoliberalism


Neoliberalism: Theories, Practices, and Conflicts Details     PDF
Giulio Moini, Ernesto d'Albergo 272-277

Neoliberalism as the "Connective Tissue" of Contemporary Capitalism Details     PDF
Giulio Moini 278-307

What is the Use of Neoliberalism and Neoliberalisation? Contentious Concepts between Description and Explanation Details     PDF
Ernesto d'Albergo 308-338

Special Issue

The Old Neo-Liberalism. The Neo-Liberalist Germ in Mises' and Hayek's Theories Details     PDF
Vanessa Lamattina 339-357

Power and Resistance in the Neoliberal Age Details     PDF
Valerio Lastrico 358-386

Between the Invisible hand and the Invisible Heart. Italian Welfare Restructuring and the Quest for a New Neoliberal Hegemony Details     PDF
Davide Caselli 387-413

Participation and Privatisation in Neoliberal Policies: The Case of Italian 'Piani di Zona' Details     PDF
Dario Colombo, Enrico Gargiulo 414-440

The "Misère de l’éducation" in the Age of Crisis Details     PDF
Elena Gremigni 441-465

Liberalisation and Value Extraction. The Trajectory of Railways in the Neoliberal State Details     PDF
Angelo Salento, Giuseppe Pesare 466-494

Neoliberalization by Evaluation: Explaining the Making of Neoliberal Evaluative State Details     PDF
Diego Giannone 495-516

The Open Government Data Policy as a Strategic Use of Information to Entrench Neoliberalism? The Case of Italy Details     PDF
Laura Franceschetti 517-542

Neoliberalism and Control Strategies: the Urban Security Policies in Italy Details     PDF
Giuseppe Ricotta 543-566

EXPO 2015 as a Laboratory for Neoliberalization. Great Exhibitions, Urban Value Dispossession and New Labor Relations Details     PDF
Emanuele Leonardi, Michelangelo Secchi 567-595

Restructuring Public Action in Rome. Neoliberalization and the Relationships between Public and Private Actors Details     PDF
Raffaella Iacovino 596-613

Open Section

The Role of the Egyptian Working Class in Mubarak's Ouster Details     PDF
Gianni Del Panta 614-639

The Land of Fires. Evaluating a State Law to Restore the Narrative Power of Local Communities Details     PDF
Fabio Lucchini, Andrea Membretti 640-665

The Corporal Repertoire of Prison Protest in Spain and Latin America: The Political Language of Self-Mutilation by Common Prisoners Details     PDF
Pedro Oliver Olmo 666-690

Constituting the Social Basis of the EU: Reflections from the European Margins Details     PDF
Tatjana Sekulic 691-716

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