CALL FOR PAPER, PACO 12(3): 2019


"Working as a platform: labour needs, activation and representativeness in the era of digital transformation"

Posted: 2018-05-09 More...

CALL FOR PAPER, PACO 12(2): 2019


“Social movements and the third sector in welfare systems’ transformations"

Posted: 2018-04-23 More...

CALL FOR PAPER, PACO 12(1): 2019


“Students, their protests, and their organizations: using recent theories to explore old and new dilemmas”

Posted: 2018-04-23 More...

CALL FOR PAPER, PACO, 11(3): 2018


Special 10th Anniversary Issue.

Contentious actors, spaces and themes in present and future societies.

Posted: 2018-03-05 More...

CALL FOR PAPER, PACO, 11(2): 2018


"The Big Data Challenge. From Big Data in Politics to the Politics of Big Data"

Posted: 2017-10-27 More...

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