CALL FOR PAPER, PACO 13(3): 2020

"Squatting and Urban Common. Creating Alternatives to Neoliberalism"  
Posted: 2019-01-07 More...

CALL FOR PAPER, PACO 13(2): 2020


“Re-connecting voices in the framework of open government.

The strategic role of public sector communication”

Posted: 2018-11-28 More...

CALL FOR PAPER, PACO 13(1): 2020


“Rethinking Money, Rebuilding Communities. A Multidimensional Analysis of Crypto and Complementary Currencies”.

Posted: 2018-06-13 More...

CALL FOR PAPER, PACO 12(3): 2019


"Working as a platform: labour needs, activation and representativeness in the era of digital transformation"

Posted: 2018-05-09 More...

CALL FOR PAPER, PACO 12(2): 2019


“Social movements and the third sector in welfare systems’ transformations"

Posted: 2018-04-23 More...

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