Vol. 13, No. 1 (2020). Special Issue on:“The Cultural Side of Populism” & “Rethinking Money, Rebuilding Community”

SPECIAL ISSUE/1: “"The Cultural Side of Populism: Politics, Emotions, Music and Subcultures in Populist Times”

Guest Editors: Manuela Caiani and Enrico Padoan

SPECIAL ISSUE/2: “Rethinking Money, Rebuilding Communities”

Guest Editors: Marco Fama, Riccardo Orzi, and Stefano Lucarelli


Setting the scene: Filling the Gaps in Populism Studies Details     PDF
Manuela Caiani, Enrico Padoan 1-28

Special Issue/1

The Socio-Cultural, Relational Approach to Populism Details     PDF
Pierre Ostiguy 29-58

Major Directions in Populism Studies: Is There Room for Culture? Details     PDF
Paris Aslanidis 59-82

Who Thinks, Feels. The Relationship Between Emotions, Politics and Populism Details     PDF
Donatella Bonansinga 83-106

Excluding Emotions: The Performative Function of Populism Details     PDF
Emmy Eklundh 107-131

Populism, Music and the Media. The Sanremo Festival and the Circulation of Populist Discourses Details     PDF
Paolo Magaudda 132-153

Misleading Memes. The Effects of Deceptive Visuals of the British National Party Details     PDF
Ofra Klein 154-179

Populism and Pop Cultures: Podemos, the Political Use of Music and the Party as a 'Pop Product' Details     PDF
Loris Caruso 180-206

The Long Evolution of Extreme Right Music in Italy and Germany Details     PDF
Giorgia Bulli 207-231

Voicing Change. The Popular Subject of Protest Music in Revolutionary Cairo (2011-2013) Details     PDF
Valeria Dessì 232-255

Populism as Symbolic Class Struggle. Homology, Metaphor, and English Ale Details     PDF
Linus Westheuser 256-283

Feminism Goes Mainstream? Feminist Themes in Mainstream Popular Music in Sweden and Denmark Details     PDF
Francesca Feo, Måns Robert Lundstedt 284-314

Visual Analysis and Right Wing (Populist) Groups Details     PDF
Angela Adami 315-336


Rethinking Money, Rebuilding Communities: A Multidimensional Analysis of Crypto and Complementary Currencies Details     PDF
Marco Fama, Stefano Lucarelli, Ricardo Orzi 337-359

Special Issue/2

Geopolitics of Monetary Innovation in the Longue Durée. Financialization, Digitalization and the Crisis of the Global Hegemony Details     PDF
Carmelo Buscema 360-383

The Cybernetic Ethos of Cryptocurrencies: Economic and Social Dimensions Details     PDF
Luigi Doria 384-408

The Nature of Money in a Clearing System. From Liquidity to Liquidness Details     PDF
Massimo Amato 409-437

Money as a Tool for Collective Action Details     PDF
Giacomo Bazzani 438-461

Complementary Currencies as a Socio-Technical Innovation. Evidence from a local clearing union in Italy Details     PDF
Marco Fama, Elena Musolino 462-486

The Social Life of Sardex and Liberex: Kin or Acquaintances? A Comparison Between Two Mutual Credit Circuits in Italy Details     PDF
Laura Sartori 487-513

The Flexible Institutionalization Process of Puma Currency in Seville, Spain Details     PDF
Georgina M. Gómez, Cristina Medina Prado 514-539

Establishing, or Failing? That Is the (Puzzling) Question. An Attempt to Introduce a Complementary Currency Details     PDF
Joselle Dagnes, Luca Storti 540-563

Bashkir Wörgl: Succesfsful Farm Rescue. Implementing Gesell Money in the Shaimurat Farm, Russia Details     PDF
Vladim E. Ljovkin, Anastasia O. Ljovkina 564-585

Open Section

What Happens in-between Mobilizations? Building and Organizing Contentious Politics at the University of Tehran (2007-2017) Details     PDF
Paola Rivetti 586-606

Pro-Refugee Activism in Greece: The imaginary grounds of a real dynamic Details     PDF
Anastassia Tsoukala 607-632

Policy Framing and Party Competition: The Italian Political Debate on Local Public Services since the Economic Crisis Details     PDF
Valeria Tarditi 633-664

Locating Millennial Feminism Beyond the Western Context: The Iranian Case Details     PDF
Rassa Ghaffari, Elisabetta Ruspini 665-690

An "Ecosystem of Entrepreneurialisation"? An interpretative approach to the transformation of the third Sector Details     PDF
Edoardo Esposto, Cecilia Ficcadenti 691-718

From Political Radicalness to Citizen Participation? Current Reconfigurations of the Breton movement. Details     PDF
Jeanne Toutous 719-739

The Making of Counter-Internationalism. Political Violence, Strikebreaking and the Yellow Movement in Pre-1914 Europe Details     PDF
Romain Bonnet 740-771

Silencing Citizen Protest: Local Environmental Resistance in the Land of Fires Details     PDF
Francesca Scafuto, Michael R. Edelstein 772-806


Book Symposium/ Everyday Europe: Social transnationalism in an unsettled continent Details     PDF
Alberta Giorgi, Luca Raffini 807-816

Inequality and Social Transnationalism: A Relationship to Work On Details     PDF
Alberta Andreotti 817-829

Who Belongs to Europe? Notes on the (Lack of) Inclusiveness of Research on Social Transnationalism Details     PDF
Christine Barwick 830-841

Everyday Europe: Immigration, Transnational Mobility and the "Wicked Problem" of Brexit Details     PDF
Russel King 842-863

The Paradox of Everyday Europe: The Crisis of the European Project in the Context of Widespread Transnationalism Details     PDF
Gemma Scalise 864-873

Eschewing the Tedious Terrain of Looking for European identity Without Avoiding the Political Details     PDF
Virginie Van Ingelgom, Luis Vila-Henninger 874-882

Everyday Europe and Tomorrow's Europe: Is There a Future for Social Transnationalism? A Response to Readers Details     PDF
Adrian Favell, Ettore Recchi 883-895

Review Essays

Two Variants of the Digital Party: The Platform Party and the Networked Party Details     PDF
Marco Deseriis 896-917

Book Reviews

Michele Sorice, Partecipazione democratica. Teorie e problemi [Democratic Participation. Theories and Problems], Mondadori, Milano, 2019, ISBN 978-88-6184-706-4, pp. 162. Details     PDF
Andrea Grippo 918-929

Jeffrey Lane, Digital Street, Oxford University Press, New York, 2019, ISBN 9780199381265, pp. 256. Details     PDF
Niccolò Morelli 930-942

Joo Y. M., (2018), Megacity Seoul: Urbanization and the De-velopment of Modern South Korea, Routledge Details     PDF
Francesco Palmia 943-953

Marco Giugni, Maria T. Grasso, (2019), Street Citizens. Protest Politics and Social Movement Activism in the Age of Globalization, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press Details     PDF
Gaetano Inglese 954-969

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