Vol. 9, No. 2 (2016). Special Issue: Neoliberalism


Neoliberalism: Theories, Practices, and Conflicts Details     PDF
Giulio Moini, Ernesto d'Albergo 272-277

Neoliberalism as the "Connective Tissue" of Contemporary Capitalism Details     PDF
Giulio Moini 278-307

What is the Use of Neoliberalism and Neoliberalisation? Contentious Concepts between Description and Explanation Details     PDF
Ernesto d'Albergo 308-338

Special Issue

The Old Neo-Liberalism. The Neo-Liberalist Germ in Mises' and Hayek's Theories Details     PDF
Vanessa Lamattina 339-357

Power and Resistance in the Neoliberal Age Details     PDF
Valerio Lastrico 358-386

Between the Invisible hand and the Invisible Heart. Italian Welfare Restructuring and the Quest for a New Neoliberal Hegemony Details     PDF
Davide Caselli 387-413

Participation and Privatisation in Neoliberal Policies: The Case of Italian 'Piani di Zona' Details     PDF
Dario Colombo, Enrico Gargiulo 414-440

The "Misère de l’éducation" in the Age of Crisis Details     PDF
Elena Gremigni 441-465

Liberalisation and Value Extraction. The Trajectory of Railways in the Neoliberal State Details     PDF
Angelo Salento, Giuseppe Pesare 466-494

Neoliberalization by Evaluation: Explaining the Making of Neoliberal Evaluative State Details     PDF
Diego Giannone 495-516

The Open Government Data Policy as a Strategic Use of Information to Entrench Neoliberalism? The Case of Italy Details     PDF
Laura Franceschetti 517-542

Neoliberalism and Control Strategies: the Urban Security Policies in Italy Details     PDF
Giuseppe Ricotta 543-566

EXPO 2015 as a Laboratory for Neoliberalization. Great Exhibitions, Urban Value Dispossession and New Labor Relations Details     PDF
Emanuele Leonardi, Michelangelo Secchi 567-595

Restructuring Public Action in Rome. Neoliberalization and the Relationships between Public and Private Actors Details     PDF
Raffaella Iacovino 596-613

Open Section

The Role of the Egyptian Working Class in Mubarak's Ouster Details     PDF
Gianni Del Panta 614-639

The Land of Fires. Evaluating a State Law to Restore the Narrative Power of Local Communities Details     PDF
Fabio Lucchini, Andrea Membretti 640-665

The Corporal Repertoire of Prison Protest in Spain and Latin America: The Political Language of Self-Mutilation by Common Prisoners Details     PDF
Pedro Oliver Olmo 666-690

Constituting the Social Basis of the EU: Reflections from the European Margins Details     PDF
Tatjana Sekulic 691-716

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