Vol 8, No. 2 (2015). Special Issue: Between Resilience and Resistance


Grassroots (Economic) Activism in Times of Crisis: Mapping the Redundancy of Collective Actions Details     PDF
Giacomo D’Alisa, Francesca Forno, Simon Maurano 328-342

Special Issue

Urban Squats as Eco-Social Resistance to and Resilience in the Face of Capitalist Relations: Case Studies from Barcelona and Rome Details     PDF
Claudio Cattaneo, Salvatore Engel-Di Mauro 343-366

Direct Social Actions and Economic Crises: The Relationship between Forms of Action and Socio-Economic Context in Italy Details     PDF
Lorenzo Bosi, Lorenzo Zamponi 367-391

Reshaping Spaces and Relations: Urban Gardening in a Time of Crisis Details     PDF
Elisabetta Cangelosi 392-416

Sowing Resilience and Contestation in Times of Crises: The Case of Urban Gardening Movements in Barcelona Details     PDF
Marta Camps-Calvet, Johannes Langemeyer, Laura Calvet-Mir, Erik Gómez-Baggethun, Hug March 417-442

Between Resistance and Resilience. How Do Italian Solidarity Purchase Groups Change in Times of Crisis and Austerity? Details     PDF
Riccardo Guidi, Massimiliano Andretta 443-477

Territorial Identity and Grassroots Economic Activism: The Politicization of Farmers’ Mobilizations in the French Basque Country Details     PDF
Xabier Itçaina, Armelle Gomez 478-503

A Network of Resistances against a Multiple Crisis. SOS Rosarno and the Experimentation of Socio-Economic Alternative Models Details     PDF
Federico Oliveri 504-529

Social Economy as Antidote to Criminal Economy: How Social Cooperation is Reclaiming Commons in the Context of Campania’s Environmental Conflicts Details     PDF
Monica Caggiano, Salvatore Paolo De Rosa 530-554

Open Section

The Exquisite Political Fragrance of Enset. Silent Protest in Southern Ethiopia through Culinary Themes and Variations Details     PDF
Valentina Peveri 555-584

Debts, Differently: Alternative Finance Organizations in Italy and France Details     PDF
Arianna Lovera 585-608

Book Reviews

The Origins of the Urban Crisis: Race and Inequality in Post-War Detroit, by Thomas J. Sugrue Details     PDF
Mark Corcoral 609-619

Classical Sociology beyond Methodological Nationbalism, edited by Massimo Pendenza Details     PDF
Luca Raffini 620-624

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