Volume 29, suppl. 1 (2009)

NdM_vol29_suppl_1_2009 - CoverISSN: 1123-2536
e-ISSN: 1590-0932 

Title Page Details     PDF

Editorial Details     PDF
Minerva Cordero , Vikram Jha , Alessandro Montinaro , Oscar Vega i-vi

A Class of Transitive BLT-Sets Details     PDF
Anton Betten 1-9

Variations on a theme of Cofman Details     PDF
Mauro Biliotti , Alessandro Montinaro 11-22

Parallelism Details     PDF
Arrigo Bonisoli 23-32

Some partitions in Figueroa planes Details     PDF
Julia M. Nowlin Brown 33-44

On the Multiplicative Structure of Quasifields and Semifields: Cyclic and Acyclic Loops Details     PDF
M. Cordero, V. Jha 45-59

Translation planes admitting a linear Abelian group of order (q+1)^2. Details     PDF
Esteban Diaz, Oscar Vega 59-68

Enumeration of Nonsingular Buekenhout Unitals Details     PDF
R. D. Baker, G. L. Eberti, K. L. Wantz 69-90

Girth 5 Graphs from Elliptic Semiplanes Details     PDF
M. Funk 91-114

Latin Squares, Homologies and Eulerӳ Conjecture Details     PDF
Christoph Hering, Andreas Krebs 115-120

Some sporadic translation planes of order 11^2 Details     PDF
Vito Abatangelo, Gábor Korchmáros, Bambina Larato 121-134

On the number of k-gons in finite projective planes Details     PDF
Felix Lazebnik, Keith E. Mellinger, Oscar Vega 135-152

Symmetric spread sets Details     PDF
Antonio Maschietti 153-178

Partial Spreads and Flocks over Infinite Fields Details     PDF
G. Eric Moorhouse 179-200

Down a mathematical memory lane with Norm Details     PDF
S. E. Payne 201-210

Flokki planes and cubic polynomials Details     PDF
William M. Kantor, Tim Penttila 211-222

A class of two-dimensional translation planes admitting SL(2,5) Details     PDF
Alan R. Prince 223-230

Inner Automorphisms of Finite Semifields Details     PDF
G. P. Wene 231-242

Index Details     PDF

Colophon Details     PDF

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