Girth 5 Graphs from Elliptic Semiplanes


For 3 \le k \le 20 with k \ne 4,8,12, all the smallestcurrently known k--regular  graphs of girth 5 have the sameorders as the girth 5 graphs obtained by the followingconstruction: take a (not necessarily Desarguesian) ellipticsemiplane \cal S of order n-1 where n = k - r for some r\ge 1; the Levi graph \varGamma({\cal S}) of \cal S is ann--regular graph of girth 6;  parallel classes of \cal Sinduce co--cliques in \varGamma({\cal S}), some of which areeventually deleted; the remaining co--cliques are amalgamated withsuitable r--regular graphs of girth at least 5. For k > 20,this construction yields some new instances underbidding thesmallest orders known so far.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i15900932v29n1supplp91

(k,5)-cages; girth 5 graphs; elliptic semiplanes; Hughes planes

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