Vol 7, No 2 (2021)


SPECIAL ISSUE 1 "People Have the Power? Reframing the debate on Contemporary Populism(s)" - Guest Editors: Giuseppe Cascione, Damiano Palano

SPECIAL ISSUE 2 "Anti-Establishment Establishment? Populist Elites in a Comparative Perspective" - Guest Editors: Leonardo Puleo, Paolo Marzi, Gianluca Piccolino

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Index Details     pdf

Special Issue Introduction

People Have the Power? Reframing the debate on Contemporary Populism(s) Details     pdf
Giuseppe Cascione 5-8

Research Notes

Typologies of Populism: a Hypothesis Based on Hyperpolitics Methodology Details     pdf
Alfredo Ferrara 9-27

Special Issue

The Shape of the People. Rethinking Populism Beyond Laclau Details     pdf
Damiano Palano 29-62

Populism and Neoliberalism. Notes on the Morphology of a ‘Perverse Alliance’ Details     pdf
Alessandro Simoncini 63-95

Reacting to the Politics and Economy Relation. The Reasons for Contemporary Populism Details     pdf
Gianpasquale Preite 97-118

Populism Literature on Europe: A Brief Overview and Meta-Analysis Details     pdf Dataset
Gianluca Piccolino, Sorina Soare 119-166

If you cannot rule them, misinform them! Communication strategies of Italian radical right-wing populist parties during the pandemic Details     pdf Appendix A
Paolo Marzi, Maria Giovanna Sessa 167-196

Electoral and Executive Agenda in Time of Populism: A Solemn Oath or Coalition Politics as Usual? Details     pdf
Leonardo Puleo, Alice Cavalieri 197-232

Research Articles

Female Fighters and Deadliness of Terrorist Campaigns in Civil War Details     pdf
Margherita Belgioioso, Jennifer Philippa Eggert 233-268

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