Vol. 12, No. 3 (2019). Special Issue on: Working as a platform: Labour needs, activation and representativeness in the era of digital transformation

Guest Editors: Davide Arcidiacono, Paolo Borghi, and Andrea Ciarini


Platform Work: From Digital Promises to Labor Challenges Details     PDF
Davide Arcidiacono, Paolo Borghi, Andrea Ciarini 611-628

Special Issue

Work and Employment under the Gig Economy Details     PDF
Valeria Pulignano 629-639

Reversed Solutionism. The Two Sided Control of Crowdwork Details     PDF
Heiner Heiland 640-664

It Obliges You to Do Things You Normally Wouldn't: Organizing and Consuming Private Life in the Age of Airbnb Details     PDF
Attila Bruni, Fabio Maria Esposito 665-690

Challenging Goliath. Informal Unionism and Digital Platforms in the Food Delivery Sector. The Case of Riders Union Bologna Details     PDF
Marco Marrone, Vladi Finotto 691-716

Does the App Contribute to the Precarization of Work? The Case of Uber Drivers in Poland Details     PDF
Dominika Polkowska 717-741

Platform Organisations in Social Innovation: A Lot of Old Wine in a Bottle Details     PDF
Maurizio Busacca 742-766

Crowdsourcing Platforms as Devices to Activate Subjectivities Details     PDF
Elisabetta Risi, Marco Briziarelli, Emiliana Armano 767-793

Hosting as a Lifestyle: The Case of Airbnb Digital Platform and Lisbon Hosts Details     PDF
Rodrigo Saturnino, Helena Sousa 794-818

Labour Activism and Social Movement Unionism in the Gig Economy. Food Delivery Workers Struggles in Italy Details     PDF
Riccardo Emilio Chesta, Lorenzo Zamponi, Carlotta Caciagli 819-844

Not only Riders. The Uncertain Boundaries of Digital Creative Work as a Frontier for Emerging Actors in Interest Representation Details     PDF
Andrea Bellini, Silvia Lucciarini 845-870

Open Section

Emotional Politics, Islamophobic Tweet. The Hashtags #Brexit and #chiudiamoiporti Details     PDF
Giulia Evolvi 871-897

The Discourse of Anti-Instrumentalism: Exploring a Conceptual Model Through the Case Study of the We Won't Let Belgrade D(r)own Initiative Details     PDF
Irena Fiket, Marjan Ivkovic, Gazela Pudar Draško, Jelena Vasiljevic 898-918

Female Political Youth Activism. A Study of the Motivation in Seke Details     PDF
Obediah Dodo, Blessmore Mpofu 919-940

Political Participation in Self-Managed Social Centres. Direct Social Action and Institutionalization in Bologna City Details     PDF
Vito Giannini, Maurilio Pirone 941-969

Book Reviews

Neufeind M., O'Reilly J., and Ranft F. (2018, eds.), Work in the Digital Age: Challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, London: Rowman & Littlefield Details     PDF
Matteo Marenco 970-979

Van Dijck J., Poell T., and De Waal M., (2018), The Platform Society, New York: Oxford University Press Details     PDF
Casper Gelderblom 980-992

Sébastien Chauvin, Peter Clegg and Bruno Cousin (2018, eds.), Euro-Caribbean Societies in the Twentieth Century. Offshore Finance, Local Elites and Contentious Politics, Abingdon and New York: Routledge Details     PDF
Godfrey Baldacchino 993-998

Alberta Giorgi (2018), Religioni di Minoranza tra Europa e Laicità locale [Minority Religions between Europe and Local laicism] Milano: Mimesis Details     PDF
Daniela Morpurgo 999-1011

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