Vol 9, No. 3 (2016). Special Issue: Youth and the Reinvention of Politics


Youth and the Reinvention of Politics. New Forms of Participation in the Age of Individualization and Presentification Details     PDF
Luca Alteri, Carmen Leccardi, Luca Raffini 717-747

Special Issue

What Matters? Changes in European Youth Participation Details     PDF
Simona Gozzo, Rossana Sampugnaro 748-776

Youth and Expectations on Democracy in Spain: the Role of Individual Human Values Structure of Young People in Dimension of Democracy Details     PDF
Liberto Carratalà Puertas, Francisco José Frances Garcia 777-798

The Ri-elaboration of the Collective Sphere. New Paths of Sociality and Groups-Formation among the New Generations Details     PDF
Andrea Pirni, Luca Raffini 799-823

Precarious Voices? Types of “Political Citizens” and Repertoires of Action among European Youth Details     PDF
Lara Monticelli, Matteo Bassoli 824-856

Differently Collective. Youth Activism in Italian University Associations Details     PDF
Riccardo Guidi, Marta Bonetti, Mariella Popolla 857-892

Blogging Activism of Young Educated and Global Women in Tunisia and Vietnam: a two-case study Details     PDF
Yên Mai, Sofia Laine 893-917

The Open Data Movement: Young Activists between Data Disclosure and Digital Reputation Details     PDF
Davide Arcidiacono, Giuseppe Reale 918-948

Too Big, Will Fail. Megaevents and Protest Participation Details     PDF
Luca Massidda, Stefania Parisi 949-980

Web Resources

Resources on Protest and Activism Details     PDF
edited by Alberta Giorgi, Luca Raffini 981-985

Open Section

Outsiderness and Participation in Liberal and Coordinated Market Economies Details     PDF
Emanuele Ferragina, Joseph Feyertag, Martin Seeleib-Kaiser 986-1014

Consumption in Action. Mapping Consumerism in International Academic Literature Details     PDF
Chiara Pattaro, Francesca Setiffi 1015-1039

Direct Social Actions in Extreme Right Mobilisations. Ideological, strategic and organisational incentives in the Italian neo-fascist right Details     PDF
Caterina Froio, Pietro Castelli Gattinara 1040-1066

Book Reviews

Marco Damiani (2016), La Sinistra radicale in Europa. Italia, Spagna, Francia, Germania [The Radical Left in Europe. Italy, Spain, France, Germany], Roma: Donzelli Details     PDF
Daniela Chironi 1067-1074

Íñigo Errejón, Chantal Mouffe (2015), Construir Pueblo. Hegemonía y radicalización de la democracia, Barcelona: Icaria Editorial Details     PDF
Raffaella Fittipaldi 1075-1079

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