Volume 31 (2019) - Special Issue

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Doing things with words across time. Snapshots of communicative practices in and from the past Details     pdf
Sara Gesuato, Marina Dossena, Daniela Cesiri 1-280

Title page Details     pdf

Table of contents Details     pdf

Chapters Details     pdf

Introduction Details     pdf
Irma Taavitsainen, Sara Gesuato 7-14

“Oops, I forgot, sorry”. The spill cries oops and whoops in the history of American English Details     pdf
Andreas H. Jucker 15-33

From requesting to alms-seeking. The politeness formula fare la carità in nineteenth-century Italy Details     pdf
Annick Paternoster 35-85

Some pragmatic aspects of historical minute-making. The distinctiveness of the Quaker approach Details     pdf
Judith Roads 67-89

Discursive practices in feminist speeches. A diachronic analysis from the Late Modern period to the present day Details     pdf
Daniela Cesiri 91-110

“Just a few lines to let you know”. Formulaic language and personalization strategies in Great War trench letters written by semi-literate Scottish soldiers Details     pdf
Kirsten Jane Lawson 111-143

“How am I to answer this in English?”. Pragmatic fluency in a nineteenth-century English-language teaching text Details     pdf
Polina Shvanyukova 145-169

“Please”, “Thank you”, “Excuse me” – “Why can’t you behave naturally?”. Linguistic politeness in post-revolutionary Soviet Russia Details     pdf
Victoriya Trubnikova 171-189

The etiquette of aspect. How and why prositi stopped worrying and entered a pair Details     pdf
Marco Biasio 191-218

Talking about lament in Ancient Greek drama. Historical metapragmatics and language ideology in Sophocles’ Ajax Details     pdf
Severin Hof 219-232

Closing conflicts. Conversational strategies across Greek and Roman tragedies Details     pdf
Federica Iurescia, Gunther Martin 233-254

From self-talk to grammar. The emergence of multiple paradigms from self-quoted questions in Korean Details     pdf
Hyun Jung Koo, Seongha Rhee 255-278

Colophon Details     pdf

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