Vol 5, No 1 (2012)

Electronic Journal of Applied Statistical Analysis

Original Paper

A comparison of plots for monothetic clustering, with applications to microbial communities and educational test development Details     PDF
Mark C Greenwood 1-14

Modeling and forecasting exchange rate dynamics in Pakistan using ARCH family of models Details     PDF
Shahla Ramzan, Shumila Ramzan, Faisal Maqbool Zahid 15-29

On improving Horvitz–Thompson method of estimation through location shifts under midzuno–sen scheme of sampling Details     PDF
R.K. Nayak, L.N. Sahoo 30-43

Bayesian Estimation of the Parameter of Rayleigh Distribution under the Extended Jeffrey’s Prior Details     PDF
Sanku Dey, Sudhansu S. Maiti 44-59

Analysis of the efficiency of spanish travel agencies Details     PDF
Maria Rosario González Rodriguez, Rosario Martín Sámper 60-73

Some efficient sampling strategies based on ratio type estimator Details     PDF
Shashi Bhushan 74-88

Statistical evidence of the subjective work quality: the fairness drivers of the job satisfaction Details     PDF
Maurizio Carpita, Marika Vezzoli 89-107

Stochastic modeling of the grading pattern in presence of the environmental parameter Details     PDF
Goutam Saha 108-120


Approximate evaluation of cumulative distribution function of central sampling distributions: A review Details     PDF
Paramita Roy, Amit Choudhury 121-131

Short Note

On system reliability for multi-component half normal life time Details     PDF
Maroof Ahmad Khan, Hasan Mateen-ul Islam 132-136

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