Vol 4, No 2 (2011)

Electronic Journal of Applied Statistical Analysis (With papers inspired by the Conference "AGROSTAT 2010").

With papers inspired by the Conference "AGROSTAT 2010".

Original Paper

Periodic inventory model with reduced setup cost under service level constraint Details     PDF
Chandra K Jaggi, Neetu Arneja 111-123

Economic Reliability Group Acceptance Sampling Plans for Lifetimes Following a Generalized Exponential Distribution Details     PDF
Jaffer Hussain, Abdur Razzaque Mughal, Muhammad Khalid Pervaiz, Muhammad Aslam, Abdur Rehman 124-130

Optimal Ordering policy in demand declining market under inflation when supplier credits linked to order quantity Details     PDF
Nita H. Shah, Kunal T. Shukla 131-143

Survival analysis of duration of waiting time to conception Details     PDF
Ningombam Sanajaoba Singh, Naorem Sharat Singh, R K Narendra 144-154

Estimation of survival times of HIV-1 infected children for doubly and interval censored data Details     PDF
Gurprit Grover, Tanushree Banerjee 155-163

Bayesian analysis of mixed effect models and its applications in agriculture Details     PDF
Nageena Nazir, Abdul Hamid Mir, Athar Ali Khan 164-171

Analysing the levels and trends of population statistics of Oman Details     PDF
Jamal Abdul Nasir, Muhammad Hussain Tahir 172-183

Short Note

Bootstrap graphical test for equality of variances Details     PDF
Naveen Kumar Boiroju, Ramu Yerukala, M Venugopala Rao, M Krishna Reddy 184-188

Special Issue - AGROSTAT2010

Editorial for the Special Issue on: AGROSTAT 2010 Details     PDF
Marc Danzart, Pietro Amenta, Luigi D'Ambra, Amjad D. Al-Nasser, Enrico Ciavolino 189-190

Temperature prediction in a refrigerated display cabinet: deterministic and stochastic approaches Details     PDF
Onrawee Laguerre, Evelyne Derens, Denis Flick 191-202

Multiblock redundancy analysis from a user's perspective. Application in veterinary epidemiology Details     PDF
Stéphanie Bougeard, El Mostafa Qannari, Coralie Lupo, Claire Chauvin 203-214

Food quality, consumer perception and preferences: an analysis on olive oil Details     PDF
Margherita Maria Pagliuca, Debora Scarpato 215-226

Using differential geometric lars algorithm to study the expression profile of a sample of patients with latex-fruit syndrome Details     PDF
Luigi Augugliaro, Angelo Marcello Mineo 227-234

A non parametric approach for the study of the controls in the production of agribusiness products Details     PDF
Massimiliano Giacalone, Angela Alibrandi 235-244

Use of genetic algorithm on mid-infrared spectrometric data: application to estimate the fatty acids profile of goat milk Details     PDF
Marion Ferrand, Bérénice Huquet, Frédéric Bouvier, Hugues Caillat, Francis Barillet, Félicie Faucon - Lahalle, Hélène Larroque, Olivier Leray, Isabelle Palhiere, Mickaël Brochard 245-254

Global sensitivity analysis applied to food safety risk assessment Details     PDF
Jean-Christophe Augustin 255-264

The impact of chemical and sensorial characteristics on the market price of Italian red wines Details     PDF
Eugenio Brentari, Paola Zuccolotto 265-276

The Bipolar Mean in Sensory Analysis Details     PDF
Eugenio Brentari, Livia Dancelli, Walter Maffenini 277-286

Guest Reviewers

Guest Reviewers Volume 4, Year 2011 Details     PDF
Amjad D. Al-Nasser, Enrico Ciavolino 287

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