Vol 9, No 3 (2016)

Electronic Journal of Applied Statistical Analysis (Special Issue inspired by the Conference " BDA 2016")

Special Issue - BDA2016

Editorial for the special issue on: BDA 2016 Details     pdf
Amjad D. Al-Nasser, Sameer Al Barghouthi, Khalifa Jaber 451 - 453

Using SEM-PLS and Fuzzy logic to determine the influence of Uncertainty Avoidance and Accreditation cost on Strategic Intention Details     pdf
Islam Faisal Bourini, Faisal Abdul Rahman Bourini 454 - 468

Research or teaching oriented? Game theory models for the strategic decision-making process of universities with the external environment held neutral Details     pdf
Bekir Emre Kurtulmuş, Bernadette Warner, Çiğdem Özarı 469 - 490

New Iterative AM Estimation Procedure for Fitting the Simple Linear Measurement Error Models Details     pdf
Amjad D. Al-Nasser, Ayat Al-Sliti, Midhet Edous 491 - 501

Estimation of the Cost of the Direct Damage on Human Resources Caused by Water Pollution Details     pdf
Sameer Al Barghouthi, Attiea Marie 502 - 519

Double acceptance sampling plan for time truncated life tests based on transmuted new Weibull-Pareto distribution Details     pdf
Amer I. Al-Omari, Amjad D. Al-Nasser, Fatima S. Gogah 520 - 529

Statistical analysis of tooling cost in high speed end milling for hardened steel Details     pdf
Muataz Hazza Faizi Al-Hazza, Islam Faisal Bourini 530 - 539

Factors Influencing Managers’ Decisions to Continue/Discontinue Capital Budgeting Projects Details     pdf
Mohamed E. Ibrahim 540 - 551

The use of unit root and Box-Jenkins in Amman Stock Exchange (ASE) Details     pdf
Sameer Al Barghouthi, Ijaz Ur Rehman, Sandra Fahmy, Aysha Ehsan 552- 571

Testing the Efficiency of ASE by the Two Step Regression Based Technique, the Johansen Multivariate Technique Cointegration, and Granger Causality Details     pdf
Sameer Al Barghouthi, Ijaz Ur Rehman, Ghaida Rawashdeh 572 - 586

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