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Aim and Scope

Community Psychology in Global Perspective publishes work that is of relevance to community psychologists as well as scholars and professionals from a diverse array of other backgrounds with shared interested in community-focused work.

Community Psychology in Global Perspective is a peer-reviewed journal devoted to research, theory and intervention, and review articles exploring human interactions in community settings across the globe. Its special focus is on making explicit the ways in which culture acts as a framework organizing and guiding our experiences, utilizing ecological perspectives to enhance our understanding and promotion of individual and community well-being, and advancing work aimed at the creation of positive social change and social justice.

The journal is international in scope, reflecting the main concerns of social scientists and community practitioners worldwide. Community Psychology in Global Perspective welcomes contributions from a variety of theoretical approaches across disciplines (psychology, sociology, political sciences, urban planning, social work and others), although it especially encourages submissions of field-based, culturally situated research and intervention.

The content of the journal includes:
Research articles that report empirical qualitative, quantitative and mixed-methods studies relevant to community psychology theory, method, and practice. The focus on qualitative research within a psychological frame will be a specific innovative contribution to the social science research.
Review articles that survey theoretical developments or topics of major interest.
Practice issues that present brief reports by practitioners or action researchers, which describe interesting developments and interventions or which address matters of professional and public relevance.

Contributions are invited on all aspects of Community Psychology, including, but not limited to: Community research methods · Participatory action research · Prevention & Wellbeing · Community program evaluation · Community development · Power & Empowerment · Active citizenship & Collective action · Minorities & Social inclusion · Gender · Migration & Intercultural relations · Social justice · Critical community psychology · Ecological clinical intervention

Community Psychology is an open access journal, free of charge to authors, and published online twice per year.


Community Psychologists · Clinical Psychologists · Social Scientists · Social Workers · Social Psychologists · Administrators · Community and Health Professionals · Urban and Community Planners · Ethnographers · Sociologists · Community Activists ·

Abstracting and Indexing Information

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  • PsycINFO/Psychological Abstracts (APA)
  • DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals)
  • Ulrich's



Action research in conflict-ridden contexts



  • Francesco Paolo Colucci, University of Milan - Bicocca, Italy (last affiliation)
  • Jacqueline Akhurst, Rhodes University, South Africa

Important Dates

January 31, 2019: Deadline for paper submission.


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Vol 4, No 1 (2018): Community Psychology in Global Perspective

CPGP - Covere-ISSN: 2421-2113
Editor in chief

Terri Mannarini (University of Salento, Italy)


Caterina Arcidiacono (University of Naples Federico II, Italy), Anne E. Brodsky (University of Maryland Baltimore County, United States), Terri Mannarini (University of Salento, Italy), Christopher Sonn (Victoria University, Australia)

Assistant Editors

Sara L. Buckingham (University of Maryland Baltimore County, United States), Salvatore Di Martino (Leeds Beckett University, UK), Amy Quayle (Victoria University, Australia), Alessia Rochira (University of Salento, Italy), Cosimo Talò (University of Salento, Italy)

Original Research Reports

Teacher evaluation in the era of globalization: Teachers' views on evaluation, quality, and resilience in the Greek educational system Details     PDF
Anastassios Stefanou Matsopoulos, Artemis-Margarita Griva, Polivios Psinas, Irene Monastirioti 1-19

Globalization, artificial intelligence, social networks and political polarization: New challenges for community psychologists Details     PDF
Donata Francescato 20-41

The role of sense of community on perceived inequalities Details     PDF
Jennifer Wallin-Ruschman, Mazna Patka, Adam T. Murry 42-65

Racial minority immigrant acculturation: Examining Filipino settlement experiences in Canada utilizing a community-focused acculturation framework Details     PDF
Renato M. Liboro 66-84

Short Research Reports

Traditional family and women's condition: The reciprocal perception of Turkish and Italians Details     PDF
Stefano Tartaglia, Chiara Rollero 85-95

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