Vol. 16, No. 2 (2023). Special Issue on: "Labour conflict, forms of organization and class"

Guest editors: Maurizio Atzeni and Devi Sacchetto


Locating labour conflict and its organising forms in contemporary times: between class and the reproduction of capitalism Details     PDF
Maurizio Atzeni, Devi Sacchetto 205-215

Special Issue

Using the Unions: Healthcare Struggles in Italy and Spain between Trade Unionism and Self-Organization Details     PDF
Costanza Galanti, Mary Naughton 216-233

Political, General or Economic Strikes? New Types of Strikes and Workers' Contention Details     PDF
Margherita Sabrina Perra, Katia Pilati 234-251

Struggle for recognition, a lever to establish Industrial Relations from below. Reinterpreting couriers' mobilisations in food delivery sector in Italy Details     PDF
Nicola Quondamatteo, Marco Marrone 252-267

Time, Discipline and Subjectivity: Performing Arts Worker Mobilisations in Italy during the Pandemic Details     PDF
Francesco Campolongo, Francesco E. Iannuzzi 268-286

Circulating through the Pipeline. Algorithmic Subjectivities and Mobile Struggles Details     PDF
Niccolò Cuppini, Mattia Frapporti, Maurilio Pirone 287-300

Open Section

Assembling Movements: A Case Study on Boundary Work in (between) Events Details     PDF
Diego Allen-Perkins 301-318

Wearing Protest. Youth Clothing and Appearance in the Evolution of Radical Social Movements in Italy Details     PDF
Carlo Genova 319-338

Re-Shaping the Boundaries of Feminism: The Case of #femminismoislamico on Instagram Details     PDF
Arianna Mainardi, Alberta Giorgi 339-354

A Utopian Approach to Social Transformation: The Role of Urban Social Movements' Fragmentation in Barcelona Details     PDF
Laura Silva 355-378

How Populists Use Religion(s). A Comparative Study on Italy and France Details     PDF
Alessio Minicozzi 379-395

Book Reviews

Patrick Le Galès (ed., 2020) Gouverner la métropole parisienne. Paris: Presses de Sciences Po. 335 pages. Details     PDF
Roger Keil 396-401

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