Vol. 15, No. 2 (2022).

Research Articles

Factors for the Digitalisation of Political Parties in Portugal and Spain: A Comparative Perspective Details     PDF
Bruno González-Cacheda, Celso Cancela Outeda, Constantino Cordal 330-350

Managerialism Against Clientelism. A Blocked Process of Political Change in Apulia (Southern Italy) Details     PDF
Deborah Galimberti 351-369

The Autonomy of Urban Commons' Reproduction in Relation to the Local State: Between Material and Decision-Making Autonomy. Details     PDF
Iolanda Bianchi 370-389

Populist Governments and the Quality of Governance: A Worldwide Comparison Details     PDF
Davide Grassi, Vincenzo Memoli, Ahmed Elshoura Abouzied 390-421

The French Right-Wing Paradox – Maintaining the cordon sanitaire Details     PDF
Emilien Houard-Vial 422-443

Turkey as the 'Liberator' of Muslims in Europe: The Circulation of Islamophobia as a Political Remittance Details     PDF
Chiara Maritato 444-465

Is Liquid Democracy Compatible with Representative Democracy? Insights from the Experience of the Pirate Party Germany Details     PDF
Marco Deseriis 466-481

Turning to the Right? The Impact of the "Long Crisis Decade" (2008-2019) on Right-wing Populist Vote and Attitudes in Europe Details     PDF
Mirko Crulli, Lorenzo Viviani 482-499

Book Reviews

Giovanni Barbieri (2021), The Fifth Cleavage. Genealogy of the Populist Ideology and Parties, London: Lexington Books. Details     PDF
Andrea Millefiorini 500-504

Keller Easterling (2014), Extrastatecraft: The Power of Infrastructure Space, Verso books, London-New York 2014 Details     PDF
Alessandro Barile 505-506

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