Vol. 14, No. 3 (2021). Special Issue on: "When, where and which kind of collective action matters?"

Guest Editors: Lorenzo Bosi and Katrin Uba


Collective Action Outcomes: Ways Forward for the Subfield Details     PDF
Lorenzo Bosi, Katrin Uba 987-997

Special Issue

Social Movement Gains and Losses: Dilemmas of Arena Creation Details     PDF
Luke Elliott-Negri, Isaac Jabola-Carolus, James Jasper, Jessica Mahlbacher, Manès Weisskircher, Anna Zhelnina 998-1013

Social Movement Outcomes and the Transformation of Boundaries in Crisis-Ridden Greece Details     PDF
Haris Malamidis 1014-1035

Mechanisms of Social Movement Market Innovation: The Birth of the American Abortion Clinic Details     PDF
Drew Halfmann 1036-1056

Tracing Social Movements' Influence Beyond Agenda-Setting: Waves of Protest, Chaining Mechanisms and Policy Outcomes in the Chilean Student Movement (2006-2018) Details     PDF
Germán Bidegain, Antoine Maillet 1057-1075

Unintended but Consequential? The NoG20 Protests in Hamburg and the Introduction of a Police Identification Statute Details     PDF
Dorte Fischer 1076-1101

Spillover Through Shared Agendas: Understanding How Social Movements Set Agendas for One Another Details     PDF
Misty Ring-Ramirez, Jennifer Earl 1102-1126

Digital Media, Activism, and Social Movements' Outcomes in the Policy Arena. The Case of Two Anti-Corruption Mobilizations in Brazil Details     PDF
Alice Mattoni, Fernanda Odilla 1127-1150

The Cultural Outcomes of Social Movements: A Computational Linguistics Approach Details     PDF
Camilo Cristancho 1151-1179

Gendering Outcomes: Different Paths, Similar Outcomes: An Analysis of Cross-Generational Biographical Consequences of Activism in Feminist Spaces Details     PDF
Giada Bonu 1180-1200

Knowledge Action Repertoires and the Outcomes of Collective Action: Local Community Action for Environmental Protection Details     PDF
Louisa Parks 1201-1220

Open Section

Settler Colonialism (Without Settlers) and Slow Violence in the Gaza Strip Details     PDF
Michelle Pace, Haim Yacobi 1221-1237

Including the Excluded. Hybrid Networks During Covid19: The Case of the Giambellino Lorenteggio Emergency Community Fund in Milan Details     PDF
Alice Ranzini 1238-1255

Governance of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Slovakia Details     PDF
Andrea Figulová, Michaela Dénešová 1256-1273

Overcoming the Limits of EMU Through Covid? Next Generation EU Against the Unaddressed Needs for Ambitious Structural Reform Details     PDF
Matilde Ceron, Carlo Maria Palermo 1274-1296

Book Reviews

Sivan Hirsch-Hoefler and Cass Mudde (2020), The Israeli Settler Movement: Assessing and Explaining Social Movement Success. New York: Cambridge University Press Details     PDF
Federica Stagni 1297-1304

Barile, A., Raffini, L., Alteri, L. (2019), Il tramonto della città. La metropoli globale tra nuovi modelli produttivi e crisi della cittadinanza [The fading city. The global metropolis between new productive models and the citizenship crisis], Roma, DeriveApprodi. Details     PDF
Tommaso Frangioni 1305-1312

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