Vol. 14, No. 2 (2021). Special Issue on: "Revolution and Counter-Revolution in the Middle East and North Africa" & "The value of the city. Rent extraction, housing and conflicts for the use of urban space"

SPECIAL ISSUE/1: "Revolution and Counter-Revolution in the Middle East and North Africa"

Guest Editors: Paola Rivetti and Francesco Cavatorta

SPECIAL ISSUE/2: "The value of the city. Rent extraction, housing and conflicts for the use of urban space"

Guest Editors: Sonia Arbaci, Massimo Bricocoli and Angelo Salento


Revolution and Counter-Revolution in the Middle East and North Africa. Global Politics, Protesting and Knowledge Production in the Region and Beyond Details     PDF
Paola Rivetti, Francesco Cavatorta 511-529

Special Issue/1

Activism as a Way of Life: The Social World of Social Movements in Middle-Class Beirut Details     PDF
Sophie Chamas 530-546

What's Love Got to Do with It? Women, the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and Organisational Identity Details     PDF
Erika Biagini 547-564

The Pedagogy of the Virus: Solidarity and Mutual Aid in the Post-Epidemic Futures Details     PDF
Maziyar Ghiabi 565-583

Interpolating Gazans' Non-Violence: Responsibilities in the Academy and the Media Details     PDF
Michelle Pace, Muhammad Shehada M., Ziad Abu Mustafa 584-603

Morocco's Hirak al-Rif Movement: "Youths of the Neighbourhood" as Innovative Protesters? Details     PDF
Ahmed Chapi 604-620

Putting the Margins at the Centre: At the Edges of Protest in Morocco and Egypt Details     PDF
Brecht De Smet, Soraya El Kahlaoui 621-643

The October 2019 Protest Movement in Iraq. An Analysis of the 'Early Moments' of the Mobilisation Details     PDF
Chiara Lovotti, Licia Proserpio 644-662

Incendiary Kites and Balloons: Anti-Colonial Resistance in Palestine's Great March of Return Details     PDF
Pietro Stefanini 663-680

The Hirak. The Visual Performance of Diversity in Algerian Protests Details     PDF
Valentina Fedele 681-701

The Failure of Karamat Watan: State Legitimacy and Protest Failure in Kuwait Details     PDF
Geoffrey Martin 702-726

Sunni Ideology, Contention and the Islamic State in Iraq Details     PDF
Fabio Merone 727-742

Regulating Resistance: From Anti to Counter-Revolutionary Practice - and Back Again - in Bahrain Details     PDF
Simon Mabon 743-759

The Revolutionary Character of the 'Arab Revolutions' and How they Could Be Studied Details     PDF
Gianni Del Panta 760-773


The value of the city. Rent extraction, right to housing and conflicts for the use of urban space Details     PDF
Sonia Arbaci, Massimo Bricocoli, Angelo Salento 774-787

Special Issue/2

Rethinking Public Housing Through Squatting. The Case of Housing Rights Movements in Rome Details     PDF
Margherita Grazioli 788-805

The Political Economy of a Collusive Urban Regime: Making Sense of Urban Development Projects in Rome Details     PDF
Edoardo Esposito, Giulio Moini, Barbara Pizzo 806-828

Planning: A Glue for Development Coalitions? State Actors' Agency and Power Relationships in Urban Development Projects in Milan and Brussels Details     PDF
Veronica Conte 829-847

Grounding Urban Governance on Housing Affordability: A Conceptual Framework for Policy Analysis. Insights from Vienna Details     PDF
Marco Peverini 848-869

'[La casa] non è più sexy in Italia.' The absent politicization of housing in Italy, insights from Turin Details     PDF
Simone Tulumello, Nadia Caruso 870-895

Open Section

The Relation Between Direct Social Action and Repoliticisation: The Case of the New Case del Popolo in South Italy Details     PDF
Florian Pietron 896-913

Young People's Political Participation: New and Old Forms in Contemporary Spain Details     PDF
Francisco Javier Alarcón González 914-932

From The Front de gauche to La France insoumise: Causes and Consequences of the Conversion of the French Radical Left to Populism Details     PDF
Chloé Alexandre, Antoine Bristielle, Laura Chazel 933-953

(Re)Creating "Society in Silico": Surveillance Capitalism, Simulations and Subjectivity in the Cambridge Analytica Data Scandal Details     PDF
Vito Laterza 954-974

Book Reviews

Pier Giorgio Ardeni, Le radici del populismo. Disuguaglianze e consenso elettorale in Italia. Bari-Roma, Editori Laterza, 2020. Details     PDF
Francesco Maria Scanni 975-986

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