Vol. 10, No. 3 (2017). Special issue: Anti-Corruption Movements

Guest Editors: Loris Caruso, Donatella della Porta, and Andrea L.P. Pirro


Anti-Corruption from Below. Social Movements Against Corruption in Late Neoliberalism Details     PDF
Donatella della Porta 661-692

Special Issue

Back to the Origin? Popular Sovereignty from French Revolution to Current Anti-Corruption Movements: the Spanish Case in Historical Perspective Details     PDF
Loris Caruso 693-722

From Data Extraction to Data Leaking. Data-activism in Italian and Spanish anti-corruption campaigns Details     PDF
Alice Mattoni 723-746

Do Lulu Movements in Italy Fight Mafia and Corruption? Framing processes and 'anti-system' struggles in the No Tav, No Bridge and No Muos case studies Details     PDF
Gianni Piazza, Giuliana Sorci 747-772

Screaming at a Wall. Societal accountability from below in Bulgaria and Hungary Details     PDF
Andrea L.P. Pirro 773-796

The Romanian People Versus Corruption. The Paradoxical Nexus of Protest and Adaptation Details     PDF
Tina Olteanu, Shaazka Beyerle 797-825

Rising Against the Thieves. Anti-Corruption Campaigns in South-Eastern Europe Details     PDF
Chiara Milan 826-849

Who is Responsible for Corruption? Framing strategies of social movements in West Africa mobilizing against presidential term amendments Details     PDF
Louisa Prause, Nina-Kathrin Wienkoop 850-873

Open Section

Paradoxes of Democracy and Depoliticisation in the Social Peripheries of Modernity Details     PDF
Gianpasquale Preite 874-895

Emotions in Inter-Action in Environmental Resistances. The case of Comité Salvabosque in Mexico Details     PDF
Alice Poma, Tommaso Gravante 896-925

Environmental Justice in Italy Details     PDF
Francesca Rosignoli 926-954

Are Solidarity Purchasing Groups a Social Innovation? A Study Inspired by Social Forces Details     PDF
Lara Maestripieri 955-982

The Hopeless Forecast Under the Gloomy Sky. Crisis of Political Legitimacy and Role of Future Perspective in Hard Times Details     PDF
Pasquale Colloca 983-1004

Adapation or Transformation? Interpreting Participation in Times of Austerity in an Old Red Region Details     PDF
Mattia Casula 1005-1036

Book Reviews

Anselmi Manuel (2017), Populism. An introduction, New York, London: Routledge Details     PDF
Andrea Scolari 1037-1044

Sassatelli Roberta, Marco Santoro, Giovanni Semi (eds.) (2015), Fronteggiare la crisi. Come cambia lo stile di vita del ceto medio [Facing the crisis. How the lifestyle of the middle class changes], Bologna: Il Mulino. Details     PDF
Simone Tosi 1045-1049

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