Vol. 9, No. 1 (2016). Special issue: Political Activism in Europe


Political Activism Research: Studying the Evoution of Political Behavior Details     PDF
Vincenzo Memoli, Francesca Vassallo 1-18

Special Issue

Political Dissatisfactions and Citizen Involvement: Political Participation in Europe during the Early Stages of the Economic Crisis Details     PDF
Herink Serup Christensen 19-45

Economic Crisis and Electoral Participation in European Elections. An Assessment of the Relationship Details     PDF
Danilo Di Mauro 46-71

Participating Unequally? Assessing the Macro-Micro Relationship between Income Inequality and Political Engagement in Europe Details     PDF
Andrea Filetti 72-100

Explaining Protest in the Aftermath of the Great Recession in Europe: The Relevance of Different Economic Indicators Details     PDF
Francesca Vassallo, Pauline Ding 101-126

Unconventional Participation in Time of Crisis: How Ideology Shapes Citizens’ Political Actions Details     PDF
Vincenzo Memoli 127-151

Political Activism: Post-communist Challenges and Opportunities in East Central Europe Details     PDF
Alexandra Iancu, Sorina Soare 152-180

Taking to the Streets in the Shadow of Austerity: A Chronology of the Cycle of Protests In Spain, 2007-2015 Details     PDF
Martín Portos 181-210

Media Use, Political Participation and the Level of Digitization. A Comparative Analysis of EU Countries Details     PDF
Sergio Splendore 211-232

Towards a Western European “Social Movement Society”? An Assessment: 1981–2009 Details     PDF
Mario Quaranta 233-258

Book Reviews

Vitantonio Gioia, Sergio Noto, Alfonso Sánchez Hormigo (eds), Pensiero critico ed economia politica nel XIX secolo: da Saint-Simon a Proudhon, (Critical Thinking and Political Economy in the 19th century: From Saint-Simon to Proudhon) Bologna, il Mulino, 2015. Details     PDF
Emiliano Bevilacqua 259-261

Timothy Peace (2015), European Social Movements and Muslim Activism. Another World but with Whom?, Basingstoke, Palgrave Macmillian Details     PDF
Alberta Giorgi 261-266

Antonio Tursi (2015), Partecipiamo. Tra autorappresentazione dei media e rappresentazione dei partiti, Milano, Mimesis Details     PDF
Emiliano Ilardi 267-271

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