Vol 8, No. 3 (2015). Special Issue: Cosmopolitanism and Europe


The Looming Shadows of the Walls. Is a Cosmopolitan Europe still Possible? Details     PDF
Vincenzo Cicchelli, Massimo Pendenza 625-642

Special Issue

Re-embedding European Social Citizenship through Cosmopolitanism Details     PDF
Laura Leonardi, Gemma Scalise 643-668

European Cosmoscapes. The case of the Festival of Europe in Florence Details     PDF
Dario Verderame 669-694

Framing Societal Cosmopolitanism in Europe. A Theoretical-Empirical Research Study Details     PDF
Massimo Pendenza, Livia Garcìa Faroldi 695-717

Europe and its Jews: a Cosmopolitan Journey with Jürgen Habermas Details     PDF
Robert Fine 718-735

The Clash of Cosmopolitanisms: The European Union from Cosmopolitization to Neo-Liberalization Details     PDF
David Inglis 736-760

Special Section

Political Participation by the Deprived: A Comparative Analysis in Political Behavior by Unemployed Young Adults Details     PDF
Matteo Bassoli, Christian Lahusen 761-769

Political Participation of Unemployed Youth: The Moderator Effect of Associational Membership Details     PDF
Simone Baglioni, Pasquale Colloca, Maria Theiss 770-787

Between Evasion and Activism: A Qualitative Inquiry into the Political Behavior of German and Swedish Long-Term Unemployed Details     PDF
Jennifer Hobbins, Christian Lahusen 788-813

Welfare institutions, resources, and political learning. Interacting with the State as an Incentive for the Political Participation of Long-Term Unemployed Youth Details     PDF
Jasmine Lorenzini, Marco Giugni 814-844

Open Section

Always against the state? An analysis of Polish and Swedish radical left-libertarian activists’ interaction with institutionalized politics Details     PDF
Grzegorz Piotrowski, Magnus Wennerhag 845-875


Symposium on Mario Diani’s book. An Introduction Details     PDF
Manuela Caiani 876-882

The cement of civil society. Polity and Policymaking Details     PDF
Matteo Bassoli 883-895

Not to mock modes of coordination (MOC), but to raise important questions about their measurement Details     PDF
Clare Saunders 896-904

Mario Diani’s the cement of civil society. Relational Reflections Details     PDF
Nick Crossley 905-909

The cement of civil society. Foundations for a more genuine understanding of online collective action Details     PDF
Elena Pavan 910-918

Cement without heat? Details     PDF
Gianluca De Fazio 919-925

Review of Mario Diani’s the cement of civil society Details     PDF
Walter J. Nicholls 926-931

Promises and limits of the modes of Coordination perspective Details     PDF
Mario Diani 932-943

Book Reviews

Beppe Grillo’s Five Star Movement. Organisation, Communication and Ideology edited by Filippo Tronconi, Ashgate, Farnham, 2015 Details     PDF
Fabio Bordignon 944-952

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