Volume 11 (1991)

NdM_vol11_n2_1991 - Cover ISSN: 1123-2536
e-ISSN: 1590-0932 

Der Satz über offene lineare Relatione in topologischen Vektorräumen Details     PDF
N. Adasch 1-5

Abelian p-groups of arbitrary length and their endomorphism rings Details     PDF
Raimund Behler, Rüdiger Göbel 7-20

One-forms on spaces of embeddings: a frame work for constitutive laws in elasticity Details     PDF
E. Binz, H.R. Fischer 21-48

Quojections and the problem of topologies of Grothendieck Details     PDF
J. Bonet, J. Taskinen 49-59

Scalarization of vectorial relations applied to certain optimization problems Details     PDF
Bruno Brosowski, Antonio R. Da Silva 61-91

On the C<sup>*</sup>-comparison algebra of a class of singular Sturm-Liouville expressions on the real line Details     PDF
H.O. Cordes, T.M. Tang 93-108

Surjective 𝔸-compactness and generalized Kolmogorov numbers Details     PDF
A. Defant, M.S. Ramanujan 109-117

The structure theorem for linear transfer systems Details     PDF
Peter Dierolf 119-125

Über direkte Summanden von Azumata-Moduln Details     PDF
Sigurd Elliger 127-134

A strict topology for some weighted spaces of continuous functions Details     PDF
Bruno Ernst 135-143

Convergence of finite multistep predictors from incorrect models and its role in model selection Details     PDF
David F. Findley 145-155

A general version of Breiman's minimax filter Details     PDF
Jürgen Franke 157-175

The partially ordered sets of measure theory and Tukey's ordering Details     PDF
D.H. Fremlin 177-214

Local spaces of distributions Details     PDF
John Horváth 215-224

Remarks on compactness of operators defined on L<sub>p</sub> Details     PDF
Hans Jarchow 225-229

A remark on bases in quotients of ell<sub>p</sub> when 0 < p < 1 Details     PDF
N.J. Kalton 231-236

On some class of equations with potential operators Details     PDF
Alexander Mark Krasnosel'skii 237-245

Deformations of zerodimensional intersection schemes and residues Details     PDF
Ernst Kunz, Rolf Waldi 247-259

De l'espace euclidien vers les espaces vectoriels topologiques localement convexes Details     PDF
A.F. Monna 261-272

The Mackey dual of a Banach space Details     PDF
Georg Schluchtermann, Robert F. Wheeler 273-287

On asymptotically normable Fréchet spaces Details     PDF
T. Terzioglu, D. Vogt 289-296

Abel's formula and 𝛽-duality in sequence spaces Details     PDF
William A. Veech 297-313

Around the quotient bornological spaces Details     PDF
L. Waelbroeck 315-329

On Banach algebras with a Jordan involution Details     PDF
Bertram Yood 331-333

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