Volume 29 (2019) - Special Issue

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Representing and Redefining Specialised Knowledge: Corpora and LSP Details     pdf
Francesca Bianchi, Elena Manca, Denise Milizia 1-600

Title page Details     pdf

Table of contents Details     pdf

Introduction Details     pdf

Part I - Popularising and disseminating specialised knowledge Details     pdf

Part 1

How specialized (or popularized)? Terminological density as a clue to text specialization in the domain of food safety Details     pdf
Adriano Ferraresi 17-39

Representing and re-defining expert knowledge for the layman. Self-help medical manuals in late 19th century America Details     pdf
Giuliana Elena Garzone, Paola Catenaccio 41-66

Knowledge dissemination and evidentiality in the genre of posters. Anatomy of a condensed medical discourse Details     pdf
Stefania Maci 67-92

Vague language in the MMR vaccine controversy. A corpus-assisted discourse analysis of its functional use Details     pdf
Anna Franca Plastina, Rosita Belinda Maglie 93-119

Pope Francis’s Laudato Si’: A corpus study of environmental and religious discourse Details     pdf
Erik Castello, Sara Gesuato 121-145

Trump is erasing climatecChange... language. A corpus-assisted critical discourse analysis of the US online environmental communications under Obama and Trump Details     pdf
Antonella Napolitano, Maria Cristina Aiezza 147-177

Disseminating climate change knowledge. Representation of the International Panel on Climate Change in three types of specialized discourse Details     pdf
Camille Biros, Caroline Peynaud 179-204

Translating (im)personalisation in corporate discourse. A corpus-based analysis of Corporate Social Responsibility reports in English and Italian Details     pdf
Sara Castagnoli, Elena Magistro 205-224

English versions of corporate websites. A linguacultural contrastive study of Germany and Spain Details     pdf
Costanza Cucchi 225-248

Research article abstracts as a tool for disseminating knowledge in online legal publications Details     pdf
Michele Sala 249-267

The discourse of bioethics in the ECtHR case-law Details     pdf
Jekaterina Nikitina 269-289

A cognitive, socio-semiotic, linguistic, and discursive approach to popularisation strategies in infographics Details     pdf
Sonia Piotti, Amanda Murphy 291-314

Les slogans de l’élection présidentielle française: des “petites phrases” potentielles? Details     pdf
Alida Maria Silletti 315-336

Part II - Popularisation media Details     pdf

Part 2

Disseminating and adapting specialized knowledge. American think tanks’ blogs Details     pdf
Mathilde Gaillard 339-358

Google Talks as a new knowledge dissemination genre Details     pdf
Elisa Mattiello 359-382

How gestures contribute to the meanings of idiomatic expressions and phrasal verbs in TV broadcast interviews. A multimodal analysis Details     pdf
Gianmarco Vignozzi 383-406

Old wine in new bottles. The case of the adjacency-pair framework revisited Details     pdf
Francesca Coccetta 407-424

The “power of incantation”: A linguistic analysis of European theme parks’ websites Details     pdf
Sara Corrizzato, Valeria Franceschi 425-444

The discourse of assisted dying in the British vs Italian news media Details     pdf
Kim Grego, Alessandra Vicentini 445-460

(Trans)Gender in the News: Specialized language in the UK press. A corpus-based discourse analysis Details     pdf
Angela Zottola 461-480

Scientific controversies and popular science in translation. Rewriting, transediting or transcreation? Details     pdf
Maria Teresa Musacchio, Virginia Zorzi 481-507

Part III - Transferring specialised knowledge to novices Details     pdf

Part 3

A multimodal approach to teaching business English through films. A case study Details     pdf
Veronica Bonsignori 511-533

Applying specialised linguistic knowledge in the classroom: ESP in social work discourse in Italy Details     pdf
Jane Helen Johnson 535-556

Creating basic low-tech high-relevance personalized language corpora with science postgraduates Details     pdf
Carmela Mary White 557-579

Methodological proposal to build a corpus-based ontology in terminology Details     pdf
Isabel Durán-Muñoz 581-597

Colophon Details     pdf

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