Vol 15, No 1 (2022)

Electronic Journal of Applied Statistical Analysis

Original Paper

Benford or not Benford: new results on digits beyond the first Details     pdf
Stéphane Blondeau Da Silva 1 - 25

Inference on parameter β of the Generalized Negative Binomial Distribution Details     pdf
Humberto Vaquera Huerta 26 - 39

Identifying changes in predictors of business failures during and after the economic crisis in Italy Details     pdf
Francesca Pierri, Chrys Caroni 40 - 49

Bayesian and maximum likelihood inference approaches for the discrete generalized Sibuya distribution with censored data Details     pdf
Bruno Caparroz Lopes de Freitas, Marcos Vinicius de Oliveira Peres, Jorge Alberto Achcar, Edson Zangiacomi Martinez 50 - 74

Post-Hoc Comparison Tests for Odds Ratios Details     pdf
Ayfer Ezgi Yilmaz, Serpil Aktas Altunay 75 - 94

Mixture Cure Survival Analysis Model for Cardiovascular Disease in Sulaimani, Iraq Details     pdf
Shokh Mukhtar Ahmad 95 - 109

Forecasting the number of vehicles thefts in Campinas/Brazil using a Generalized Linear Autoregressive Moving Average model Details     pdf
Luiz Otávio de Oliveira Pala, Marcela de Marillac Carvalho, Thelma Sáfadi 110 - 122

A generalized time series model based on Kumaraswamy distribution to predict double-bounded relative humidity data Details     pdf
Mohammad Shad, Y. D. Sharma, Abhishek Singh 123 - 144

Bayesian inference for the reliability of generalized inverted exponential distribution under progressive type-I interval censoring Details     pdf
Iklim Gedik Balay 145 - 166

Application of Bayesian analysis on risk factors of coronary artery disease Details     pdf
Sarada Ghosh, G.P. Samanta 167 - 186

Bankruptcy factors at different stages of the lifecycle for Russian companies Details     pdf
Yuri Zelenkov, Elena Fedorova 187 - 210

A statistical framework for Airbnb hosts and Superhosts Details     pdf
Giulia Contu 211 - 231

Football analytics: a bibliometric study about the last decade contributions Details     pdf
Mattia Cefis 232 - 248

Exploring essential variables for successful and unsuccessful football teams in the "Big Five'' with multivariate supervised techniques Details     pdf
Pilar Malagón-Selma, Ana Debón, Alberto Ferrer 249 - 276

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