Vol 13, No 2 (2020)

Electronic Journal of Applied Statistical Analysis

Original Paper

Discrimination and Classification model from Multivariate Exponential Power Distribution Details     pdf
Akinlolu Adeseye Olosunde, A. T. Soyinkab 284 - 292

A New Generalized Log-Logistic Erlang Truncated Exponential Distribution with Applications Details     pdf
Broderick O Oluyede, Hameed A. Jimoh, Divine Wanduku, Boikanyo Makubate 293 - 349

Adjusted R2 - type measures for beta regression model Details     pdf
Shaimaa Waleed Mahmood, Noor Nawzat Seyala, Zakariya Yahya Algamal 350 - 357

The interpoint depth for directional data Details     pdf
Giuseppe Pandolfo 358 - 374

Empowering Detection of Malicious Social Bots and Content Spammers on Twitter by Sentiment Analysis Details     pdf
Farideh Tavazoe, Davide Buscaldi, Claudio Conversano, Francesco Mola 375 - 389

Computationally efficient univariate filtering for massive data Details     pdf
Michail Tsagris, Alenazi Abdulaziz, Fafalios Stefanos 390 - 412

Properties of the Correlation Matrix Implied by a Recursive Path Model using the Finite Iterative Method Details     pdf
M'barek Iaousse, Zouhair Elhadri, Mohamed Hanafi, Pasquale Dolce, Yousfi Elkettani 413 - 435

CLUSTATIS: cluster analysis of blocks of variables Details     pdf
Fabien Llobell, El Mostafa Qannari 436 - 453

Detecting drivers of basketball successful games: an exploratory study with machine learning algorithms Details     pdf
Manlio Migliorati 454 - 473

University student achievements and international mobility: The case of University of Cagliari Details     pdf
Giulia Contu, Luca Frigau, Francesco Mola, Maurizio Romano, Claudio Conversano 474 - 497

Economic growth and mental well-being in Italian regions Details     pdf
Fabrizio Antolini, Laura Grassini 498 - 518

How perceived variety impacts on choice satisfaction: a two-step approach using the CUB class of models and best-subset variable selection Details     pdf
Marica Manisera, Paola Zuccolotto, Eugenio Brentari 519 - 535

Type II Exponentiated Half Logistic Generated Family of Distributions with Applications Details     pdf
Hazem Al-Mofleh, Mohamed Elgarhy, Ahmed Afify, Mohammad Zannon 536 - 561

A non-parametric density estimate adaptation for population abundance when the shoulder condition is violated Details     pdf
Baker Ishaq Albadareen, Noriszura Ismail, Omar M. Eidous, Jamil J. Jaber 562 - 579

Estimation of Population Mean under logarithmic for the Poisson Distributed Study and Auxiliary Variates Details     pdf
Prayas Sharma, Supriya Khare, Rajesh Singh 580 - 588

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