Vol 12, No 1 (2019)

Electronic Journal of Applied Statistical Analysis

Original Paper

Fixed Size Confidence Regions for the Parameters of the Mixed Effects Logistic Regression Model Details     pdf
Taoufik Zoubeidi, Mohamed Y. El-Bassiouni 1 - 13

Individual and contextual determinants of inter-regional mobility in cancer patients Details     pdf
Mauro Ferrante, Valentina Sciuto, Sebastiano Pollina-Addario, Anna Maria Parroco 14 - 25

A generalized Birnbaum-Saunders distribution with application to the air pollution data Details     pdf
Mostafa Tamandi, Ahad Jamalizadeh, Mahdi Mahdizadeh 26 - 43

Generalized Class of Variance Estimators under Two-Phase Sampling for Partial Information Case Details     pdf
Amber Asghar, Aamir Sanaullah, Muhammad Hanif 44 -54

Some clarifications regarding power and Type I error control for pairwise comparisons of three groups Details     pdf
Andrew V. Frane 55 - 68

Weighted Lasso Subsampling for HighDimensional Regression Details     pdf
Hassan S. Uraibi 69 - 84

The Gini coefficient and the case of negative values Details     pdf
Francesca De Battisti, Francesco Porro, Achille Vernizzi 85 - 107

Online promotion of UNESCO Heritage Sites in Southern Europe: Website Information Content and Managerial Implications Details     pdf
Claudio Conversano, Giulia Contu, Franco Mola 108 - 139

A comparison of Process Capability Measures for Seasonal and Non-Seasonal Autoregressive Auto-Correlated Data Details     pdf
Ayat Al-Zou'bi, Abdullah A. Smadi 140 - 152

A measure of adjusted difference between values of a variable Details     pdf
András Dobó 153 - 175

Estimating Morgenstern Type Bivariate Association Parameter Using a Modified Maximum Likelihood Method Details     pdf
Mohammad Al Kadiri, Mohammad Migdadi 176 - 189

Estimating parameters of Morgenstern type bivariate distribution using bivariate ranked set sampling Details     pdf
Mohammad Al Kadiri, Mohammad Migdadi 190 - 208

Statistical Inference for the Transformed Rayleigh Lomax Distribution with Progressive Type-II Right Censorship Details     pdf
Amani S Alghamdi, Wei Ning, Arjun K Gupta 209 - 222

A generalized exponential distribution with increasing, decreasing and constant shape hazard curves Details     pdf
Sharqa Hashmi, Muhammad Ahsan ul Haq, Rana Muhammad Usman 223 - 244

The effectiveness of strategic of accounting information systems in achieving security in shadow of the electronic commerce: field study in the Jordanian commercial banks Details     pdf
zeyad suliman almatarneh, Alaa Al-Khatib, Nimer Alslihat 245 - 262

Examining the relationship between audit committee effectiveness and audit fees: An empirical investigation on companies listed in the UAE financial markets Details     pdf
Amer Qasim, Riham Muqattash, Sameer Al Barghouthi 263 - 276

Household’s Consumer Behaviour: Economic Recession and Quality of Institution. The case of Italy Details     pdf
Antonio Lucadamo, Paola Mancini, Annamaria Nifo 277 - 302

Role of Statisticians in Building the UAE Knowledge Economy Details     pdf
Rafiq Hijazi, Raed Saeed, Ibrahim Alfaki 303 - 319

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