Vol. 13, No. 3 (2020). Special Issue on: “Squatting and Urban Commons” & “Judicial Populism”

SPECIAL ISSUE/1: “Squatting and Urban Commons”

Guest Editors:Miguel A. Martínez and Dominika V. Polanska

SPECIAL ISSUE/2: “Judicial Populism”

Guest Editors: Paul Blokker and Oscar Mazzoleni


Squatting and Urban Commons: Creating Alternatives to Neoliberalism Details     PDF
Miguel A. Martínez, Dominika V. Polanska 1244-1251

Special Issue/1

Squat to Work. Squatted Workspaces, the Commons and Solidarity Economies in Europe Details     PDF
Luca Calafati 1252-1268

Squatted and Self-Managed Social Centres in Mexico City: Four Case Studies from 1978-2020 Details     PDF
Robert González, Diego de Santiago, Marco Antonio Rodríguez 1269-1289

Navigating the Limits of Capitalism to Resist Urban Marginality: The Case of the Casa Madiba Network Details     PDF
Greta Rauleac 1290-1307

Governing without Governed and Governors: An Attempt to Establish a Non-Hierarchical Organizational Repertoire Details     PDF
Lukáš Kotyk 1308-1323

City-Level Action in a City-Wide Urban Commons. Amsterdam, 1977-1983 Details     PDF
Hans Pruijt 1324-1337

Squatting, Commons and Conflict: A Discussion of Squatting's Challenges to the Commons Details     PDF
Galvão Debelle dos Santos 1338-1354

In Search of Urban Commons Through Squatting: The Role of Knowledge Sharing in the Creation and Organization of Everyday Utopian Spaces in Sweden Details     PDF
Dominika V. Polanska, Timothy Weldon 1355-1372

Empty Space, Open Space. Claiming, Reaching and Remembering Common Ground in Urban Squats. Haga in the 1980's Details     PDF
Ann Ighe 1373-1389

Urban Commons from an Anti-Capitalist Approach Details     PDF
Miguel A. Martínez 1390-1410


Judicial Populism: The Rule of the People against the Rule of Law Details     PDF
Paul Blokker, Oscar Mazzoleni 1411-1416

Special Issue/2

In the Name of Sovereignty. Right-Wing Populism and the Power of the Judiciary in Western Europe Details     PDF
Oscar Mazzoleni, Gerrit Voerman 1417-1432

Populist Understandings of the Law: A Conservative Backlash? Details     PDF
Paul Blokker 1433-1452

Populism, Constitution Making, and the Rule of Law in Latin America Details     PDF
Carlos de la Torre, Felipe Burbano de Lara 1453-1468

Populist Punitiveness in the Italian Populistic Yellow-Green Government Details     PDF
Stefano Anastasìa, Manuel Anselmi 1469-1486

Open Section

Armed Movements and Counterinsurgency in Contemporary Mexico Details     PDF
Pierre Gaussens 1487-1503

The Case of the Suvignano Estate: A Story of Mafia, Anti-Mafia and Politics Details     PDF
Graziana Corica, Vittorio Mete 1504-1520

Multilevel Governance in Post-Transitional Justice: The Autonomous Communities of Spain Details     PDF
Ebru İlter Akarçay, Bilgen Sütçüoğlu 1521-1538

Trajectories and Modes of Autocratization in the Early 21st Century Details     PDF
Andrea Cassani, Luca Tomini 1539-1558

Journalism Models in Western Democracies and the International Arena: The Case of the 2016 Failed Coup Attempt in Turkey Details     PDF
Domenico Fracchiolla 1559-1574

Book Reviews

Andreotti, A. (eds. 2019), Governare Milano nel nuovo millennio, Bologna: Il Mulino. Details     PDF
Benedetta Marani 1575-1581

Moffitt B. (2020), Populism, Cambridge, Polity Press. Details     PDF
Marianna Griffini 1582-1587

Fourchard, Laurent (2018), Trier, exclure et policer: vies urbaines en Afrique du Sud et au Nigeria. Domaine gouvernances. Paris: Les Presses des Sciences Po. Details     PDF
Marianne Madoré 1588-1593

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