Vol. 12, No. 1 (2019). Special Issue on: Students’ Activism

Guest Editors: Viorel Proteasa and Liviu Andreescu


Students, their Protests, and their Organizations. Exploring Old Gaps and New Evidence Details     PDF
Viorel Proteasa, Liviu Andreescu 1-21

Special Issue

Democrats on the Streets. Drivers of Student Protest Participation in Romania Details     PDF
Toma Burean 22-42

The 2015 Student Mobilizations in South Africa. Contesting Post-Apartheid Higher Education Details     PDF
Lorenzo Cini 43-70

Party and Protest Political Participation among Students in Western and Central-Eastern Europe Details     PDF
Ioana-Elena Oana 71-111

Student Movements and the Power of Disruption Details     PDF
Gabriela Gonzalez Vaillant, Michael Schwartz 112-141

Open Section

Motivations and Effects of Volunteering for Refugees. Spaces of Encounter and Political Influence of the 'New Civic Engagement' in Milan Details     PDF
Maurizio Artero 142-167

Women's Movements Institutionalization and Impact on Policy. The Case of the Bolivian Movement of Domestic Workers Details     PDF
Pablo Castaño 168-196

Populism and Euroscepticism in Podemos and in the Five Star Movement. Faraway, so close? Details     PDF
Marco Damiani, Lorenzo Viviani 197-216

Alternating School-Work Pathways in Italy. Some Remarks on the "Competence Society" Details     PDF
Elena Gremigni 217-238

Book Reviews

Vitz M. (2018), City on a Lake: Urban Political Ecology and the Growth of Mexico City, Duke University Press. Details     PDF
Anna Fechtor 239-249

Pasta S., Razzismi 2.0. Analisi socio-educativa dell'odio online, Brescia: Morcelliana, 2018, pp. 224. Details     PDF
Gaja Maestri 250-258

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