Vol. 11, No. 1 (2018). Special issue: Socio-political Responses during Recessionary Times in Greece

Guest editor: Stefania Kalogeraki


Socio-political Responses during Recessionary Times in Greece: An Introduction Details     PDF
Stefania Kalogeraki 1-11

Special Issue

Not Just Solidarity Providers. Investigating the Political Dimension of Alternative Action Organisations (AAOs) during the Economic Crisis in Greece Details     PDF
Angelos Loukakis 12-37

Exploring Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) during the Greek Economic Crisis Details     PDF
Marina Papadaki, Stefania Kalogeraki 38-69

Social and Solidarity Economy. The Case of an Urban Consumption Co-operative in Greece Details     PDF
Eugenia A. Petropoulou 70-94

Autonomy, Degrowth and Prefigurative Politics: Voices of Solidarity Economy Activists amid Economic Crisis in Greece Details     PDF
Yiannis Zaimakis 95-120

Triggering Solidarity Actions towards Contingent Workers and the Unemployed. The Point of View of Grassroots Trade Unionists and Labour Activists Details     PDF
Christina Karakioulafis, Kostas Kanellopoulos 121-144

Gender Resilience in Times of Economic Crisis: Findings from Greece Details     PDF
Yota Papageorgiou, Vasiliki Petousi 145-174

Open Section

Like a Dog in THE Manger: Mobilizations in Times of Extractive Capitalism: The Cases of Romania and the Czech Republic Details     PDF
Eliska Drapalova 175-201

Populism, Cleavages, and Democracy Details     PDF
Giovanni Barbieri 202-224


Symposium in Honor of Luigi Bobbio: An Introduction Details     PDF
Luca Raffini 225-234

Framing (De)Politicization in Deliberative Arenas Details     PDF
Luigi Pellizzoni 235-240

The deliberative Arenas in the Crisis of Democracy Details     PDF
Anna Carola Freschi 241-251

Should Sleeping Dogs Be Woken? Conflict, Participation and Deliberative Arenas Details     PDF
Patrice Melé 252-260

Democratic Deliberation, Social Movements and the Quest for Democratic Politics Details     PDF
Donatella della Porta, Andrea Felicetti 261-268

Concepts and Experiences: The Theoretical Pragmatism of Luigi Bobbio Details     PDF
Antonio Floridia 269-275

Local Democracy and Deliberative Arenas: Politics in the Garbage Can? Details     PDF
Giulio Citroni 276-279

Deliberative Design for Public Engagement in Decision-Making Processes Details     PDF
Francesca Gelli 280-290

Luigi Bobbio: A Mentor Between Fieldwork and Public Action Details     PDF
Stefania Ravazzi, Gianfranco Pomatto 291-297

Book Reviews

Auyero J., M.F. Berti (2015), In Harms’s Way, The Dynamics of Urban Violence, Priceton, NJ: Princeton University Press Details     PDF
Rémi Guillem 298-307

L.M. Salamon, S. Wojciech Sokilowski, and M.A. Haddock (2017), Explaining Civil Society Development. A Social Origins Approach, Baltimore: John Hopkins University Press Details     PDF
Anna Reggiardo 308-312

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