Vol. 8, No. 1 (2015). Special issue: New Perspectives on Party Politics


On Political Parties in Contemporary Democracies: From the classic perspective to the current debate Details     PDF
Francesco Raniolo, Lorenzo Viviani, Marco Damiani 1-34

Special Issue

Thatcher’s Victims vs. Beveridge’s Sons: The New Cleavage of European Parties Details     PDF
Roberto Segatori 35-58

Movements in Parties: OccupyPD Details     PDF
Donatella della Porta, Daniela Chironi 59-96

He's Worse than Me: The Eurosceptic Parties at the Turning Point Details     PDF
Giovanni Barbieri 97-117

Party Regulation as a Self-Legitimizing System Details     PDF
Daniela Piccio 118-139

The Differentiation of Parties through the Lens of an Electoral Campaign Details     PDF
Rossana Sampugnaro 140-166

Party Organizational Change: Formal Distribution of Power between National and Regional Levels in Italian Political Parties (1991-2012) Details     PDF
Enrico Calossi, Eugenio Pizzimenti 167-189

Party Membership and Intra-Party Democracy: How Do Members React to Organizational Change within Political Parties? The Case of Belgium Details     PDF
Giulia Sandri, Anissa Amjahad 190-214

Open Section

Times of Crisis : Success or Decline of the Left Details     PDF
Valeria Tarditi 215-240

The New Left in the European Democracies: The Case of the German Radical Left Details     PDF
Marco Damiani, Lorenzo Viviani 241-262

The French Socialist Party: Membership between Closed and Open Primaries Details     PDF
Marino De Luca 264-283


Symposium on Sidney Tarrow's War, States, and Contention. An Introduction and brief thoughts on the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta Details     PDF
Louisa Parks 284-290

A Comment on Tarrow's War, States, and Contention Details     PDF
Giovanna Procacci 291-300

Troubled States in Troubling Wars: Rights, Resources, and Territories Details     PDF
Francesca Artioli 301-312

War, States, and Citizenship: A Comment on Sidney Tarrow's War, States, and Contention Details     PDF
Hanspeter Kriesi 313-318

Struggling for Peace: A Sisyphus Work? Details     PDF
Donatella Della Porta 319-322

Four Weddings and a Question: Responses to my Critics Details     PDF
Sidney Tarrow 323-327

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