Vol. 7, No. 2 (2014). Special issue: Statistics and Activism


Statactivism: Forms of action between disclosure and affirmation Details     PDF
Isabelle Bruno, Emmanuel Didier, Tommaso Vitale 198-220

Special Issue

Statactivism against the penal machinery in the aftermath of “1968”: The Case of the French Groupe d’Information Sur les Prisons Details     PDF
Grégory Salle 221-236

Statistics and political violence: Reflections on the Social Conflict in 2009 in Guadeloupe Details     PDF
Samuel Boris 237-257

The downs and ups of the consumer price index in Argentina: From National Statistics to Big Data Details     PDF
Celia Lury, Ana Gross 258-277

Recounting health at work counts: A Tale of Numbers and Their Uses Details     PDF
Marion Gilles 278-293

Who's counting? Institutional Autonomy and the Production of Activity Data for Disability Policy in France (2006-2014) Details     PDF
Pierre-Yves Baudot 294-313

Gender Statactivism and NGOs: Development and Use of Gender Sensitive-Data for Mobilizations and Women’s Rights Details     PDF
Eugenia De Rosa 314-347

Statistics and social critique Details     PDF
Alain Desrosières 348-359

Open Section

Dynamics of participation: Access, standing and influence in contested natural resource management Details     PDF
Annelie Sjölander-Lindqvist, Serena Cinque 360-383

Redistribution, recognition, power: Austerity or an alternative Kaleckian feminist macroeconomic model in the EU? Details     PDF
Gabriella Paulì 384-405

Book Reviews

Isabelle Bruno and Emmanuel Didier, Benchmarking: l’Etat sous pression statistique, Paris, la découverte, 2013 Details     PDF
David Demortain 406-408

Barbara Tirone, Elena Cogato Lanza, Luca Pattaroni, Mischa Piraud (eds), De la différence urbaine. Le quartier des Grottes / Genève, Genève, Métis Presses, series: vuesDensemble, 2013 Details     PDF
Giovanni Matera 409-413

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