Vol 16, No 2 (2023)

Electronic Journal of Applied Statistical Analysis

Original Paper

Bayesian statistical analysis of daily returns runs in Brazilian stock exchange Details     pdf
Ricardo Puziol de Oliveira, Marcos Vinicius de Oliveira Peres, Isabela Zara Cremoneze, Jorge Alberto Achcar 192 - 207

Inferences for generalized Topp-Leone distribution under order statistics with application to polyester bers data Details     pdf
Devendra Kumar, Maneesh Kumar 208- 233

Inference on Constant Stress Accelerated Life Tests Under Exponentiated Exponential Distribution Details     pdf
Mazen Nassar, Saeed A. Dobbah, Ahmed Z. Afify 234 - 256

More on the Generalized fuzzy entropy of order \alpha and \beta Details     pdf
Ra'ed Okour, Mohammad Mahmoud Al-Talib 257 - 271

A New Technology Acceptance Model on Industry 4.0: A Firm Based Regional Analysis Details     pdf
Sibel Selim, Rana Şen Doğan, Mustafa Şen 272 - 293

Theory and Optimization of Generalized Maximum Intuitionistic Fuzzy Entropy Methods Details     pdf
Mohammad Mahmoud Al-Talib, Amjad Al-Nasser, Bara’ Al-Juneidi, Nihal Ince 294 - 310

Trend Analysis and Change Point Detection of Winter Rice in North Bank Plains Zone (NBPZ) of Assam: A Non-parametric Approach Details     pdf
Rabijita Buragohain, Hemanta Saikia, Dhruba Das 311 - 322

Different views of the multivariate ranking problem Details     pdf
Livio Corain, Rosa Arboretti, Stefano Bonnini, Riccardo Ceccato, Luigi Salmaso 323 - 338

Estimation of the Parameters of the Generalized Inverted Exponential Distribution with Progressive type I Interval Censored Data Details     pdf
Riyadh Rustam Al-Mosawi, Rana Hasan, Abdullah Abdul Qader 339 - 381

Survival analysis of random censoring with inverse Maxwell distribution: an application to guinea pigs data Details     pdf
Chandra Prakash Yadav, M.S. Panwar, Jitendra Kumar 382 - 409

A comparative study on repeated measurements data in the presence of missing data Details     pdf
Mohammad Al-Rawwash, Haneen Alquran 410 - 422

Confidence regions for simple correspondence analysis using the Cressie-Read family of divergence statistics Details     pdf
Eric Beh 423 - 448

A New Inverse Rayleigh Distribution with Applications of COVID-19 Data: Properties, Estimation Methods and Censored Sample Details     pdf
El-Sayed A. El-Sherpieny, Hiba Z. Muhammed, Ehab M. Almetwally 449 - 472

Stochastic analysis of COVID19 impact on birth life expectation Details     pdf
Girolamo Franchetti, Massimiliano Politano, Giovanna Di Lorenzo 473 - 486

New Wald-Type Estimation Procedures for fitting Structural Measurement Error Model Details     pdf
Ro'ya AL Dibi'i, Rosmanjawati Abdul Rahman, Amjad Al-Nasser 487 - 506

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