Vol 13, No 1 (2020)

Electronic Journal of Applied Statistical Analysis

Original Paper

A statistical modelling of the visual acuity measurement and its multiple test procedure Details     pdf
Norihiro Mita, Hiroshi Sasaki, Kazutaka Kani, Akio Tabuchi, Heihachiro Hara 1 - 15

Optional analyses of crossover trials having two treatments and a placebo Details     pdf
Jigneshkumar Gondaliya, Jyoti Divecha 16 - 30

Assessing the lifetime performance index of products with two-parameter Rayleigh Distribution under progressively type II right censored samples Details     pdf
Huijun Yi, Danush K Wijekularathna 31 - 46

Canonical Correlation Analysis of Principal Component Scores for Multiple-set Random Vectors Details     pdf
Toru Ogura, Hidetoshi Murakami 47 - 74

Modelling the Change of White Blood Cell on Colorectal Cancer Treatment Using Probit Regression Details     pdf
Heri Kuswanto, Nesia Balqis, Hayato Ohwada, Setiawan Toha 75 - 85

A QSAR classification model of skin sensitization potential based on improving binary crow search algorithm Details     pdf
Ghada Yousif Abdallh, Zakariya Yahya Algamal 86 - 95

Describing Software Developers Affectiveness through Markov chain Models Details     pdf
Marco Ortu, Claudio Conversano, Michele Marchesi, Roberto Tonelli, Steve Counsell, Giuseppe Destefanis 96 - 127

A Sequential Monte Carlo Approach for the pricing of barrier option in a Stochastic Volatility Model Details     pdf
Salvatore Cuomo, Vittorio Di Somma, Emilia di Lorenzo, Gerardo Toraldo 128 - 145

Outlier detection through mixtures with an improper component Details     pdf
Pier Luigi Novi Inverardi, Emanuele Taufer 146 - 163

A robust Condence Interval Based on Modied Trimmed Standard Deviation for the Mean of Positively Skewed Populations Details     pdf
Hayriye Esra Akyüz, Moustafa Omar Ahmed Abu-Shawiesh 164 - 182

Perception of Crime and Actual Data: A Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Crime in Chicago Details     pdf
Adriano Zanin Zambom, Corey Kuhn 183 - 210

Different causes of closure of Small Business Enterprises: alternative models for competing risks survival analysis Details     pdf
Chrys Caroni, Francesca Pierri 211 - 228

On The Weighted BurrXII Distribution: Theory and Practice Details     pdf
Mohammed Shakhatreh, Abedel-Qader Al-Masri 229 - 255

The security mortgage valuation in a stochastic perspective Details     pdf
Giovanna Di Lorenzo, Albina Orlando, Massimo Politano 256 - 267

Bayesian prediction modelling for two-stage experimental trials for Poisson or Gamma distributed data Details     pdf
Houda Bourezaz, Hayet Merabet, Pierre Druilhet 268 - 283

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