Vol 12, No 3 (2019)

Electronic Journal of Applied Statistical Analysis (Special Issue Data Analytics and Statistical Inference)

Data Analytics and Statistical Inference

M. Gallo(a), M.R. Srinivasan(b), and M. Subbiah(b) 

(a)University of Napoli – L’Orientale, Naples, Italy
(b)University of Madras, Chennai, India

The volume, variety and velocity of data available to researchers have reached an unprecedented level. The nature of the data available from various sources and for a variety of applications have provided a fertile ground for the statisticians to develop new tools or revisit and refine the existing methods. The inferential approaches of both classical and Bayesian methods with its modifications are serving as boon to the applied statisticians as it helps in providing natural solutions to many problems which data scientists are looking for in their empirical studies of larger dimension. The special issue has opened doors into new frontiers of statistics and its applications which will provide direction and scope to the fast growing domain of analytics. The issue covers some of the fundamental issues of importance and upcoming applications.

M. Gallo, M.R. Srinivasanb, and M. Subbiahb (Guest Editors of EJASA)

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Special Issue - Data Analytics and Statistical Inference

Counting the unmarked: Estimating animal population using count data Details     pdf
Sanjay Gubbi, Srikanth Seshadri, Vijaya Kumara, Suresh Chandra K 604 - 618

Inference on P(X less than Y) in bivariate Lomax model Details     pdf
Rola Mufied Musleh, Amal Helu, Hani Samawi 619 - 636

A Statistical Model for the Self-evaluation of Teacher Satisfaction in School Management: a Study in the Italian Secondary School Details     pdf
Pasquale Sarnacchiaro, Sergio Scippacercola, Pasqualina Malafronte 637 - 656

Voting-based Approach in Consensus Clustering through q-fold cross-validation Details     pdf
Norin Rahayu Shamsuddin, Nor Idayu Mahat 657- 673

Forecasting an explosive time series Details     pdf
Suresh Chandra K, S. Prabhakaran 674 - 690

An Application of Transformed Distribution: Length of Stay in Hospitals Details     pdf
S. Harini, M. Subbiah, M. R. Srinivasan, Michele Gallo 691 - 704

Linear Systematic Sampling with Unequal Sampling Intervals in the Presence of Linear Trend Details     pdf
Jambulingam Subramani 705 - 719

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