Vol 10, No 2 (2017)

Electronic Journal of Applied Statistical Analysis

Original Paper

A new hybrid approach EMD-EXP for short-term forecasting of daily stock market time series data Details     pdf
Mohd Ismail, Ahmad M. Awajan 307 - 327

Crime and divorce. Can one lead to the other? Using Multilevel Mixed Models Details     pdf
Faisal G. Khamis 328 - 348

A comprehensive study of lognormality tests Details     pdf
Mahdi Mahdizadeh, Ehsan Zamanzade 349 - 373

Small-Sample condence interval for the slope of linear structural relationship model Details     pdf
A.S.M.A. Mamun, A. G. Hussin, Y. Z. Zubairi, A.H.M. Rahmatullah Imon, Sohel Rana 374 - 383

Double Generalized Linear Compound Poisson models to Insurance Claims Data Details     pdf
Daniel Arnfeldt Andersen, Wagner Hugo Bonat 384 - 407

A wavelet based hybrid SARIMA-ETS model to forecast electricity consumption Details     pdf
Mallika Deb, Tapan Kumar Chakrabarty 408 - 431

Multiple Correspondence Analysis and its applications Details     pdf
Kirtee Kiran Kamalja, Nutan Vijay Khangar 432 - 462

The defective generalized Gompertz distribution and its use in the analysis of lifetime data in presence of cure fraction, censored data and covariates Details     pdf
Edson Zangiacomi Martinez, Jorge Alberto Achcar 463 - 484

Humanisation of care pathways: training program evaluation among healthcare professionals Details     pdf
Roberto Fasanelli, Vittorio D'Alterio, Lucio De Angelis, Alfonso Piscitelli, Massimo Aria 485 - 498

Volatility estimation using support vector machine: Applications to major foreign exchange rates Details     pdf
Steve S. Chung, Serin Zhang 499 - 511

Normal-Power series class of distributions: model, properties and spplications Details     pdf
Eisa Mahmoudi, Hamed Mahmoodian 512 - 541

Factors affecting internal auditors’ objectivity: individual-level evidence from the United Arab Emirates Details     pdf
Riham Suleiman Muqattash 542 - 560

Classification of gene expression autism data based on adaptive penalized logistic regression Details     pdf
Zakariya Algamal 561 - 571

The riskiness of longevity indexed life annuities in a stochastic Solvency II perspective Details     pdf
Giovanna Di Lorenzo, Albina Orlando, Massimo Politano 572 - 582

Calendar Anomalies in Pakistans Stock Market Details     pdf
Biagio Simonetti, Sobia Qayum, Muhammad Asad, Evan Lau 583 - 598

Views of Context. An instrument for the analysis of the cultural milieu. A first validation study Details     pdf
Enrico Ciavolino, Rozlyn Redd, Avdi Evrinomy, Matteo Falcone, Viviana Fini, Irini Kadianaki, Katrin Kullasepp, Terri Mannarini, Anastassios Matsopoulos, Piergiorgio Mossi, Alessia Rochira, Alfonso Santarpia, Gordon Sammut, Jaan Valsiner, Giuseppe A. Veltri, Sergio Salvatore 599 - 628

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