Vol 8, No 2 (2015)

Electronic Journal of Applied Statistical Analysis

Original Paper

Adaptive inference for multi-stage unbalanced exponential survey data Details     pdf
Loai Mahmoud AlZoubi 136 - 153

Analysis of doubly censored Burr type II distribution: a Bayesian look Details     pdf
Nvaid Feroze 154 - 169

ClustOfVar-based approach for unsupervised learning: Reading of synthetic variables with sociological data Details     pdf
Vanessa Kuentz, Sandrine Lyser, Jacqueline Candau, Philippe Deuffic 170 - 197

Two algorithms for finding optimal solutions of the Kemeny rank aggregation problem for full rankings Details     pdf
Antonio D'ambrosio, Sonia Amodio, Carmela Iorio 198 - 213

AoV-PLS: a new method for the analysis of multivariate data depending on several factors Details     pdf
Angélina El Ghaziri, El Mostafa Qannari, Thomas Moyon, Marie-Cécile Alexandre-Gouabau 214 - 235

Penalized Poisson Regression Model using adaptive modified Elastic Net Penalty Details     pdf
Zakariya Yahya Algamal 236 - 245

Factor copulas through a vine structure Details     pdf
Giorgia Rivieccio 246 - 266

Short Note

A Simple and Conservative Empirical Likelihood Function--Corrected Details     pdf
Guthrie Miller 267 - 269

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