Trend of using freelancers in the post-pandemic: role of corporate governance reform and digital orientation in the moderate of digital platform


Hiring freelancers is considered one of the effective solutions to help businesses cut unnecessary costs but still achieve good operating re-sults; especially in Vietnam and many other countries around the world are fighting COVID-19. This study examines factors that will affect the hiring freelancer intentions. This is one of the first practical studies, conducted with 339 respondents from the perspective of business managers in Vietnam.The study not only predicts trends in the businesses’ freelancer hiring from the impact of COVID-19 but also makes recommendations for businesses to exploit the freelancer’s demands in developing the sharing economy. The re-sults show that businesses are really in high demand of freelancer hiring even though this may change the management structure like corporate governance reform and employee reduction or the enterprises’ operation downsizing even.Some factors such as digital platforms, corporate governance reform, and dig-ital orientation are also interested strongly by business managers; especially, there will be a strong investment in digital platform capability. These fac-tors have a huge impact on the business’s hiring freelancer intention in the development of sharing economy.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i20705948v17n1p115

Keywords: hiring freelancer intentions, corporate governance reform, dig-ital platform, digital orientation, hiring freelancers.

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