Generalized Quasi Lindley Distribution: Theoretical Properties, Estimation Methods, and Applications


In this paper, we introduce a new continuous distribution of two parameterscalled as a generalized Quasi Lindley distribution (GQLD). The GQLD is asum of two independent Quasi Lindley distributed random variables. Compre-hensive statistical properties of the GQLD are provided in closed forms includesmoments, reliability analysis, stochastic ordering, stress-strength reliability, andthe distribution of order statistics. The parameters of the new distribution areestimated by the maximum likelihood, maximum product of spacings, ordinaryleast squares, weighted least squares, Cramer-von-Mises, and Anderson-Darlingmethods are considered. A simulation study is conducted to investigate theeciency of the proposed estimators and applications to real data sets are pro-vided.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i20705948v14n1p167

Keywords: Quasi Lindley distribution, Independent random variables, Method of maximum product of spacings, Methods of least squares, Methods of minimum distances.


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