Designing of Time Truncated Acceptance Sampling Plans by Using Two-point Approach


We apply the two-point approach to the designing of acceptance sampling plans based on a truncated life test for various life distributions. Two points on the operating characteristic curve are utilized, which are associated with the consumer’s and the producer’s risks. The quality levels are expressed by the ratio of the true mean life to the specified life. The design parameters such as the sample size and the acceptance number will be determined by satisfying two risks at the specified quality levels simultaneously. Tables of design parameters for some selected distributions are prepared according to various levels of the consumer’s risk, test termination time and the quality levels at the producer’s risk. The results are explained with some examples and comparisons are made among the distributions considered.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i20705948v6n1p18

Keywords: Truncated life test; consumer’s risk; producer’s risk; Gamma distribution; Weibull distribution; generalized Rayleigh distribution

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