Volume 10, suppl. 1 (1990)

NdM_suppl_n1_vol_10_1990 - Cover ISSN: 1123-2536
e-ISSN: 1590-0932 

Gottfried Köthe, 1905-1989 Details     PDF
J. Weidmann 1-7

Gottfried Köthe, 1905-1989 Details     PDF
Heinze Günther Tillmann 9-21

On complemented subspace of convergence-free spaces Details     PDF
Gottfried Köthe 23-37

Newton\'s observations about the field of a uniform thin spherical shell Details     PDF
R. Arens 39-45

The exixtence of generalized solutions for a class of linear and nonlinear equations of mixed type Details     PDF
A.K. Aziz, R. Lemmert, M. Schneider 47-64

Holomorphic functions on C<sup>I</sup>, I uncountable Details     PDF
J.A. Barroso, S. Dineen 65-71

A strong homology theory satisfies a clusteraxiom Details     PDF
Friedrich W. Bauer 73-102

Irregular sampling and the theory of frames, I Details     PDF
J.J. Benedetto, W. Heller 103-125

(DF)-Spaces of type CB(X, E) and C\overline{V}(X, E) Details     PDF
K.D. Bierstedt, J. Bonet, J. Schmets 127-148

On different types of non-distinguished Fréchet spaces Details     PDF
J. Bonet, S. Dierolf, C. Fernández 149-165

Therepresentation theorem Details     PDF
R.S. Bucy 167-172

Generalized sampling approximation of multivariate signals; theory and some applications Details     PDF
P.L. Butzer, A. Fischer, R.L. Stens 173-191

Linear transformation of Tauberian type in normed spaces Details     PDF
R.W. Cross 193-203

Existence of star-products revisited Details     PDF
M. De Wilde, P.B.A. Lecomte 205-216

Tensornorm techniques for the (DF)-space problem Details     PDF
Andreas Defant, Klaus Floret 217-222

Orthonormal sets in reproducing Kernel spaces and functional completion Details     PDF
W.F. jr. Donoghue 223-227

Continuous families of linear functionals Details     PDF
R.E. Edwards 229-241

Ashort proof of Alexandrov-Fenchel\'s inequality Details     PDF
G. Ewald 243-249

Generalized Fourier expansions for zero-solutions of surjective convolution operators on \mathcal D\'(R) and \mathcal D\'_ω(R) Details     PDF
Uwe Franken, Reinhold Meise 251-272

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