Volume 12 (1992)

NdM_vol12_1992 - Cover ISSN: 1123-2536
e-ISSN: 1590-0932 

On some classes of Lototsky-Schnabl operators Details     PDF
F. Altomare, S. Romanelli 1-13

The generalized Rademacher functions Details     PDF
R.M. Aron, M. Lacruz, R.A. Ryan, A.M. Tonge 15-25

On homomorphisms between locally convex spaces Details     PDF
S. Dierolf, D.N. Zarnadze 27-41

On the projective LB-spaces Details     PDF
Pawel Domanski 43-48

Remarks on the Weyl quantizeed relativistic Hamiltonian Details     PDF
Takashi Ichinose 49-67

On the space K(P,P<sup>*</sup>) of compact operators on Pisier space P Details     PDF
Kamil John 69-75

Topological vector spaces with some Baire-type properties Details     PDF
J. Kakol, W. Roelcke 77-92

Anote on \Sigma-complete locally convex spaces Details     PDF
Igor Kluvànek, Gerhard May 93-97

On bases in spaces of infinitely differentiable functions on special domains with cusp Details     PDF
V.P. Kondakov, V.P. Zaharjuta 99-106

Convex operators on Riesz spaces and their duality Details     PDF
Shozo Koshi 107-112

Theinitial-value problem for singular systems of differential equations Details     PDF
Gregers Krabbe 113-136

Relative domains of integral operators Details     PDF
Iwo Labuda, Pawel Szeptycki 137-144

Thenumber of points where a linear mapping from l<sup>n</sup><sub>2</sub> into l<sup>n</sup><sub>p</sub> attains its norm Details     PDF
Werner Linde 145-155

Aspects of the uniform λ-property Details     PDF
Robert H. Lohman 157-165

On an abstract form of Weil\'s integrality theorem Details     PDF
A. Mallios 167-202

First-order quojections Details     PDF
G. Metafune, V.B. Moscatelli 203-218

Anote on discretely compact operators Details     PDF
Hans Jürgen Reinhardt 219-227

Amaximal extension of Kothe\'s homomorphism theorem Details     PDF
Stephen A. Saxon 229-236

Nonclosed sequentially closed subsets of locally convex spaces and applications Details     PDF
O.G. Smolyanov 237-244

On basic sequences in Banach spaces Details     PDF
M. Valdivia 245-258

On the convex compactness property for the strong operator topology Details     PDF
Jürgen Voigt 259-269

Compact convex sets in non-locally-convex linear spaces Details     PDF
H. Weber 271-289

An application of spectral calculus to the problem of saturation in approximation theory Details     PDF
Manfred Wolff 291-300

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