Vol 16, No 3 (2023)

Electronic Journal of Applied Statistical Analysis

Original Paper

Classication of Breast Cancer Histopathological Images using Adaptive Penalized Logistic Regression with Wilcoxon Rank Sum Test Details     pdf
Mohammed Abdulrazaq AlKahya, Hussein Obeid Alreahan, Zakariya Yahya Algamal 507 - 518

Bayesian Estimation of Parameter For Different Loss Functions Using Progressive Type-II Censored Data Details     pdf
Dr. Pawan Kumar Chauhan 519 - 540

The Formation of Portfolio with Fuzzy Approach and Multi-objective Method Details     pdf
Padrul Jana, Dedi Rosadi, Epha Diana Supandi 541 - 563

Generalized Topp-Leone-G power series class of distributions: properties and applications Details     pdf
Gayan Warahena Liyanage, Morongwa Gabanakgosi, Broderick Oluyede 564 - 583

Estimation and prediction for proportional hazard family based on a simple step-stress model with Type-II censored data Details     pdf
Akbar Asgharzadeh, S. N. Jouybari, Mohammad Z. Raqab 584 - 613

A New Two-parameter-G Family Distribution: Properties and Applications Details     pdf
khaoula AIDI, Ahmad Abdelbaset, nacira Seddik-Ameur 614 - 638

New Alternative Methods For Estimation Of Asymmetric Stochastic Volatility Model Details     pdf
Raed Ahmad Alzghool 639 - 653

Classical and Bayesian Estimation for 2-Component Mixture of Generalized Rayleigh Distribution based on Type I Censored Samples Details     pdf
Sanku Dey, Mohammed Shakhatreh, Kundan Singh, Amulya Kumar Mahto, Yogesh Tripathi 654 - 693

On the distribution of the sum of independent exponential-geometric random variables Details     pdf
Areej AL-Zaydi 694 - 710

A Permutation Test for Comparing Multiple Measures of Center in Three-Dimensional Rotation Data Details     pdf
Melissa Bingham 711 - 721

Using t-distribution for Robust ‎Hierarchical Bayesian Small Area Estimation under Measurement Error in Covariates Details     pdf
Shaho Zarei, Serena Arima 722 - 739

The Extended Kumaraswamy Generated Family: Properties, Inference and Applications in Applied Fields Details     pdf
Mohammed Alqawba, Yasser Altayab, Sajid Mehboob Zaidi, Ahmed Z. Afify 740 - 763

An application of Poisson hidden Markov model to forecast endometrial cancer cases in Odisha, India Details     pdf
Prafulla Kumar Swain, Manas Ranjan Tripathy, Diptismita Jena 764 - 783

A Hybrid Regression Model for improving prediction accuracy Details     pdf
Satyanarayana Poojary, Ismail B 784 - 801

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