Vol 9, No 4 (2016)

Electronic Journal of Applied Statistical Analysis (Special Issue inspired by the Conference " IES 2015")

Special Issue - IES2015

Editorial for the special issue on: IES 2015 Details     pdf
Corrado Crocetta, Francesco D. d’Ovidio 587 - 588

Promoting and assessing statistical literacy among university students. The case of Tuscany Details     pdf
Alessandro Valentini 589 - 609

Statistical Evaluation of Driving Cycle with Slope Variability Details     pdf
Giovanni Meccariello, Livia Della Ragione 610 - 622

A survey on the local public transport in Bologna Details     pdf
Carlo Cusatelli, Massimiliano Giacalone, Andrea Troisi 623 - 636

The model of multiple correspondence analysis for customer segmentation in large retail groups Details     pdf
Fabio Manca, Antonella Massari, Francesco Girone 637 - 654

A Proposal Of An Indicator To Evaluate Research Activities Based On Scimago Institu-tions Ranking (SIR) Data: An Application To Italian High Education Institutions. Details     pdf
Angela Maria D'Uggento, Vito Ricci, Ernesto Toma 655 - 674

Job crafting and job satisfaction in a sample of Italian teachers: the mediating role of Perceived Organizational Support Details     pdf
Emanuela Ingusci, Antonino Callea, Antonio Chirumbolo, Flavio Urbini 675 - 687

The Efficiency of the municipal waste management model in the Italian Municipalities Details     pdf
Sabrina Spallini, Domenico Viola, Domenico Leogrande, Valentina Anna De Maria 688 - 703

Social and scholar integration and students satisfaction: the mediating role of career adaptability Details     pdf
Emanuela Ingusci, Francesca Palma, Maria Comasia De Giuseppe, Chiara Iacca 704 - 715

Italian NSI for the school. A new project to promote statistical literacy in Italian regions Details     pdf
Alessandro Valentini, Monica Carbonara 716 - 735

Technical efficiency with several stochastic frontier analysis models using panel data Details     pdf
Anna Crisci, Lucio Siviero, Luigi D'Ambra 736 - 759

Critical comparison of the main methods for the technical efficiency Details     pdf
Sergio Scippacercola, Enrica Sepe 760 - 780

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