Vol 5, No 2 (2012)

Electronic Journal of Applied Statistical Analysis.

Original Paper

Using Iterative linear regression model to time series models Details     PDF
Chikr El Mezouar Zouaoui, Mohamed Attouch 137-150

Reliability Evaluation of Complex System with Fuzzy Reliability of Components using Interval Nonlinear Programming Details     PDF
Ghanshaym Singha Mahapatra, Tapan Kr Roy 151-163

Acceptance sampling plans for percentiles based on the inverse Rayleigh distribution Details     PDF
Srinivasa Rao G, Kantam RRL, Rosaiah K, Pratapa Reddy J 164-177

Diagnostic in Poisson Regression Models Details     PDF
Zakariya Y Algamal 178-186

On the decomposition of the Schutz coefficient: an exact approach with an application Details     PDF
Elsayed Ali Habib 187-198

Reliability comparison of systems of different orders using pseudo-signatures Details     PDF
Soma Roychowdhury 199-212

Bayesian estimation of population proportion in Kim and Warde mixed randomized response technique Details     PDF
Zawar Hussain, Javid Shabbir 213-225

Mean values of location and dispersion statistics in a two-way table: a comparison among different scores systems Details     PDF
Rosario Oliviero 226-236

Modeling information asymmetry mitigation through food traceability systems using partial least squares Details     PDF
Safwat Mohammad Saleh Al-Tal 237-255

A fuzzified BRAIN algorithm for learning DNF from incomplete data Details     PDF
Salvatore Rampone, Ciro Russo 256-270

Survival Analysis of Dialysis Patients under Parametric and Non-Parametric approaches Details     PDF
Maryam Siddiqa, Mueen - ud -Din Azad, Muhammad Khalid Pervaiz, Muhammad Ghias, Gulzar H Shah, Uzma Hafeez 271-288

Short Note

Wavelet coefficients cross-correlation analysis of times series Details     PDF
Abdeslam Serroukh 289-296

Contraceptive perceptions among Arab and non-Arab Muslim males Details     PDF
Jamal Abdul Nasir, Muhammad Hussain Tahir, Shakir Ali Ghazali 297-303

The Effects of Perturbing Eigenvalues In The Presence of Multicollinearity Details     PDF
Ethelbert Chinaka Nduka, Maxwell Azubuike Ijomah 304-311

Guest Reviewers

Guest Reviewers Volume 5, Year 2012 Details     PDF
Amjad D. Al-Nasser, Enrico Ciavolino 312

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