Analysing the levels and trends of population statistics of Oman


Social statistics deals with the interplay of demographic processes like population growth, demographic transition, births, deaths, and migration. Very few countries in Arabian Peninsula have a long history of population statistics. This article explores the key population trends of Oman; a country which is relatively neglected in the population literature because of the scarcity of detailed Population statistics. The analytical trends in terms of Oman’s population growth and size, its demographic transition, age structure, fertility, mortality and migration behavior were carried out in this study. The results of the analysis revealed that Oman’s demographic future looks irreversible with the current state for the future possible generations in terms of fertility and mortality, but migration behavior will remain uncertain and will largely dependent on its own economic, religious, social, and political policies.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i20705948v4n2p172

Keywords: Arabian peninsula, demographic transtion, migration, social statistics

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