Rasch Analysis and Multilevel Models for the Evaluation of the Customer Satisfaction


The evaluation of attitudes, capabilities and individual satisfaction is one of the most important problem of experimental sciences. These qualities in fact, are not observable in direct way, but they are expressed with polycotomous measure scales. To effect the evaluation it’s necessary to substitute the qualitative modalities with some scores. These measures can be determined in different ways, but problems of quantification or relative to the conditions in which the survey is conduced can arise. For solving this problems one solution can be the Rasch Analysis. We used this technique to quantify the response to an hospital survey about the Customer Satisfaction. In a second step we try to verify if the patient satisfaction can be influenced by socio-economic factors and, for this reason, we use a Multilevel Model.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i20705948v3n1p44

Keywords: Rasch Analysis, Multilevel Models, Customer Satisfaction.

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